Pets at WDW


Ok, yahoooo, I just completed online check-in and did some messing around on the official website. While there, I discovered this site.

I think they are serious but I had to chuckle at some of the services.
“Reading of bed time story” :laugh: :blink:
Pet Care Kennels | Walt Disney World Resort


Um, my spoiled dogs who seem to think they are human would enjoy those services. :laugh::redface:


I don’t normally reply to posts, I mainly just read them. But this I found worth commenting on. It is absolutely true. We used Best Friends Pet Kennels last Sept on our trip and my Newf loved it. They have a dog bone shaped pool and a playground. The turn down story, cookie and tv are a must for our baby in her room. I have already made her reservation for our next trip even though our next trip isn’t booked yet. LOL My dog is spoiled.


Wow… But then again I’m not a big pet person. Our hermit crAbs are enough for me.


Hehe, I am glad you answered. If I still had a dog, we lost Bear a year ago, I would definitely order the turn down service. He would have been bored with the reading of stories, I think. A massage, his old bones would have loved a massage :heart:


Dogs are like children to a lot of people.


And in others they are in charge. Pam and I have lost total control. As soon as we are out the door they climb on the couch. Their 4" orthopedic foam dog beds are not good enogh for them. :laugh:


My kids are my pets…wonder if they’ll take 2 legged ‘pets’? :whistling


I believe that “The Pokey Little Puppy” is one of the favourite bedtime stories.:laugh: The kennels are so adorable, with bone-shaped doorways and huge fire hydrants.


I’ve got to be honest. If my in-laws didn’t enjoy watching our pets for us when we were at WDW, I would happily bring them to this facility. I would get the Tuna-on-a-Ritz treat for the cat and the Bedtime story for the dog. I think this is a great service for those of us who feel bad leaving our pets for our vacations. (Although, there was a time I would have rolled my eyes over this :))


[SIZE=“2”]I have decided that Boss, my chocolate labbie, will be going to Disney with me whenever I get to go again. I spoke with someone @ Best Friends and they were great. It doesn’t really cost much more than when I have a dogsitter come to the house.[/SIZE]:laugh:


I love this!!:laugh: My Elwood would love the bedtime story and cuddle time!


That is true, it doesn’t cost but a little bit more than keeping the pooch with the vet.
Bear was a chocolate Lab too :crying:


Our Chelsea is like our 2nd daughter, she’s half dobbie and half african mastiff. I don’t know how I’m going to leave her in March. How do you all do it:crying:


I know exactly how you feel. Ours climb up on the couch also, even though they know they are not allowed. Came home one day to find one of them sleeping on the couch. She just picked up her head, looked at me, and then went back to sleep. I could have killed her, but I was laughing to hard.


Like you said on fb, she lives there!!
I don’t think any of my dogs ever stayed away from furniture or beds. That’s why we have them, don’t we?


For us having a 110lb Newfoundland and now adding a Great Pyrenees to that it is actually cheaper for us to bring them and kennel them at Disney then to kennel them where we are in Texas. Here they want $100.00 a night per dog and at the pet resort we are only paying $104.00 total per night for the luxury suit. Can’t beat that and then I can still go see them and make sure they are okay. I love my fur family. LOL


Our 2 labs already own the house. With us gone they completely take over since we are ‘out of their way’. :laugh:


Of course , it helps that I have a van to carry him in. Here is Boss.


Guess who decided they were in charge today??? :laugh:

Biscuit and Gumbo not wanting to go out in the cold.