PH Passes - What is price after 10 day ticket?


Hello. We plan upon staying in WDW for 14 days this year. I was checking out the prices of park hoppers but they only go up to a 10 day pass. What happens if I need additional days? :confused:

Do I have to purchase a 4 day ticket? If I do then I think an annual pass would be cheaper.

Do they have tickets for longer than 10 days available?

Has anyone had to do this? Please share how it worked out for you. :smile:


you might want to consider annual passes it might save you some $$$.


I do believe that you would have to get an annual pass!!(oh darn, could that possibly mean another WDW trip within a year!?!?!!?!?):mickey:


I believe the break-even point is just over 7 days. If you are going for more than 7 days at a time and want hoppers, it’s worth it to get the AP. Plus you get the AP benefits.

(I buy the 10 day non expiring hopper so I can make it last for more than a year with 3-4 short trips)


We went for the AP as our stay is always over the 10 days, with the room discounts and other benefits it works better for us.


APs are the way to go. There is not a 14 day pass.

Now if you are only going to go to the parks for 10 days and were planning to go to the water parks, or Disney Quest the other 4 days. You could get the 10 day magic your way passes with Water park options.


I agree, by the time you’re talking about 14 days, you might as well buy a premium AP so you can do the water parks, Disney Quest, and Pleasure Island. Even a regular AP which will allow you to hop the parks as much as you want is probably the better way to go.


I do something similar. I purchased 6 day/No Exp/ Waterparks & more. And when we go during special event time, I purchase the special event tickets for MK and uset the other ticket for another park 2 parks. These tickets will last us 4 years since we do other things at disney. Usually only go to the parks 2 times each visit (1 time with special tickets, 1 time on hopper, and maybe 1 time at Disney Quest or a Waterpark) :blush: I get my Disney fix and my DH doesn’t get Disneyed out.


I think we did the 10 day with waterpark and plus options.
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It lasts for 14 days and you can go to the parks for 10 days and things like the waterparks and Disneyquest on other days.


Did you ever decide on what ticket to get. If you go on the link from my last post, there is an unlimited 14 day ticket to everything with park hopping. If you aren’t going back in until the following year, this might be an option. I had never seen it before. (You have to scroll to the bottom)