:noo:I have noticed that yesterday and today my undercover tourist app has said that Philharmagic is down. Why??? It isn’t on the refurb list. It just has to be up and going next week or I am going to throw a full on temper tantrum! :laugh:


Oh no, a trip wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Philharmagic! Fingers crossed for you


We just returned from our trip and Philharmagic was only down those two days. We were told that they were having technical difficulties and they did not have an estimated time for reopening. It was open the day before (because we watched it). So I do not think that it was anything planned.


How the heck can a movie theater go down? Can’t they throw a new projector up ASAP? Or is it Donald’s butt over the wall that is down?


We just got back from WDW Sunday night. It was fine when we were there.


We kept missing that in June…