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Phineas and Ferb - Disney Channel

I did a search and found a bit of discussion on Phineas and Ferb… but not much and nothing recent. I’m late to the party, and that’s not the first time. :wink:

I just wanted to recommend to folks to check it out if you get a chance. Our family found it a month or so ago, and we all love it (our kids are 8 & 17). That’s pretty rare. I even have one of my friends with no kids watching it, and he’s an “Adult Swim - Family Guy - South Park” kind of guy who wasn’t even sure he had the DisneyChannel on his cable system.

To be blunt, outside of Kim Possible, I don’t think there is a recent show on the Disney Channel I’ve enjoyed until now.

Of course, ymmv! :cool:



Oh wow, my boys love love love this show, and so do I! We have been fans since last summer.

Mom, Phineas and Ferb are making a title sequence…



We love this show! It is sooo funny! Doofenshmirtz is my fave character :slight_smile:


Heheh, mine too. :slight_smile:


Dr. D is tops in our house too with Candace running a close second.

I just really enjoy the absurdity of the Perry subplots, and the songs are just so clever and funny.

On our March trip, I’m going to keep an eye out to see if the show has any presence at all at WDW.



“Whatcha doin?” Watching Phinneas and Ferb of course!

We’ve been watching this since the very first episode and the kids love it. It is fun and silly. I would love it if my kiddos were that creative.


My husband teases me all the time that I put it the show for me, not the kids!!:laugh::blush: Of course I do. They love it too!!


We too love this series. We’ve been watching since the first episode and have the TiVo set to record them all. I just wish I could find an adult size Phineas and Ferb T-shirt.


Phineas and Ferb rock!
I love it, my friend and I recite the theme tune in English :laugh:

So stick with us cos Phineas and Ferb are gonna do it all :cool:


I didn’t see anything Phineas and Ferb when we were there in Feb. My son loves the show, so if he had seen anything, I would have heard all about it! Hopefully they’ll catch on though and get something going in the parks with them soon!


Love that show too as a kid myself and micky ears you might want to look on the internet try looking on google and ebay.:wink:


Where’s Perry? I love this show! It’s really cute and funny. There’s 104 days of summer vacation…


I actually bought an extra large kids t-shirt at Target for myself.:blush:


And just in case anyone was wondering the new episodes come on disney xd thats a new channel that you can only watch with digital cable or satlite


I must have one!:blush: Was this recently?


I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it :redface:, but I was looking at these the other day…

Phineas and Ferb You-Design-It Tee |

They actually have several different characters… but, alas, no Dr. Doof.



if you have a verizon vcast mobile phone, you can watch full episodes now along with a bunch of other disney shows.


Yes, just a week ago. :slight_smile: Perry the platypus is even on it. :happy:


am i the only one that misses the old animation. the new stuff is just not as good. I havent watched this show… i will give it a try but i get depressed with the new stuff. it just isnt the same Just my opinion.


The songs from this show get stuck in my head like nothing else.

Especially the one from the one-hit-wonder episode. People tend to look at me funny when I’m singing “Bow chica wow wow, that’s what my baby said…” I wonder why? lol

Very talented writers on this show… its definitely tied for top spot with “The Weekenders” (sadly, no longer on air, but still in reruns!)