Phone Interview!


So as I posted before I had applied for the Summer Work Program at Walt Disney World.
Fortunately I have made it to the second round of interviews which is the phone interview!
I know people on MB have had phone interviews before so I was just wondering what kind of questions they ask and if you had any tips!
Don’t worry I know to be super happy, excited, and joyful :happy:


I’ve never done a Disney phone interview, but just recently had one for a regular job. I did homework on the company, and it was very helpful to have in front of me brief notes. Just to keep me on track with my thoughts.

Good luck and stay positive. You will do just fine.

(Oh, just had another thought. In one of my job finding workshops, it was recommended to watch a motivational speaker 1/2 hour before an interview. That would get you pumped up and feeling confident.)


Thank you :slight_smile:
I will definitely do that!


YAAAAAAY congratulations!!! :slight_smile:

I did a phone interview for the CP and another one for my PI. (EDIT: I should mention these were in 2010. Not sure if the phone interviews have changed at all since then.) Both of these covered mostly general questions, like talking about yourself and your background, and I got a few “what would you do if”-type scenario questions.

I definitely second having notes in front of you. I knew ahead of time what I wanted to make sure I talked about, but in the moment I was so excited and nervous that I kind of blanked, so it was really helpful to be able to just look down and get right back on track. Also, smile while you talk, even if you feel silly. :happy:

Good luck! Do you know when your interview will be?


Thank you so much, yes I will definetly have notes infront of me!!
It will be on tuesday anytime after 230 I believe


Good Luck with your interview. I’m sure you’ll do great, but I’m sending Pixie Dust to you anyway.


That is soooooo stinking cool!!!:wub::wub::wub: Be yourself and relax, if at all possible. I like the advice of smiling,which I highly doubt will be a problem.


Congrats and good luck!

I second everyone’s advice to have some notes in front of you with things you want to be sure you mention. My other advice is to smile. They can’t see you, but they can still feel your energy over the phone so try to be as animated and outwardly positive as you would be in a face to face interview.


Thanks everyone!!

I am so nervous, it is tomorrow and I have been preparing like crazy!!! :eek:


Great blog, I will add this blog to my favorites.I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!!


Sooo bieberlove, how did it go?? :slight_smile:


Well I was nervous as crazy, and to me I think I could hear it in my voice.
I am hoping for the best, but I think it could have gone better :crying:

She only had 5 questions or so to ask me

  1. Why do you want to participate in this program?
  2. What role are you most interested in?
  3. Will you be able to live with a roommate from a different country?
  4. The working conditions are hot and long, will you be able to accomodate?
  5. Do you have any questions?

So once again, hoping for the best :blush:


Wel, what did you say?


I said:

  1. It started with the year of a million dreams when I saw the dream team making people’s days with magical moments and I knew that that’s what I wanted to do. I remembered Disney giving me and my family great experiences so I wanted to give great experiences to guests as well. That’s why I want to work at Walt Disney World but I want to work more specifically in the program because as a university student I am all about building my resume and nothing looks better than work for a well known successful company. I also hope to work at Disney World in the future and this would be a great opportunity for networking.

  2. I am most interested in Merchandise. This is because I have experience with working in merchandising. I work at a store for girls ages 6-14 so I am a people person and know how to make customers happy while pleasing the child and more importantly the parent. I have had great opportunities with my store that I work with for example going to Vancouver to open the first store in BC and training their employees and doing the same thing in Guelph, ON. I also have experience selling promotional items which is a big thing at WDW so I would excel at doing that as well.

  3. I am living with a roommate now and we don’t have many problems. The university I go to now is very diverse and I have met plenty of people of many different nationalities. I would love living with a roommate because you get to share your everyday experiences with each other and make the most of the program together.

  4. I have worked long hours before and many hours a week and I have never had a problem with it. I will take whatever hours I can get because it is WDW and I wouldn’t mind spending all my time there along with making the most of the program. I am not a person who gets sick from the sun and I am able to working in extremely hot environments.

  5. I asked questions like, if I get accepted into this program how could I make the most of it? I noticed that Disney has educational classes for the college program and if I could attend them even if I couldn’t enroll in them? What other possibilities could I have within the company after my program is completed?

That is about everything that was said in the interview and I told her I was very excited to be hearing for her. After the interview I emailed her saying that although merchandising is what I believe I would excel at I think that working at WDW would be a great experience with just about any role so I would be open to looking at other roles.


Those were great answers! Good luck. let us know what happens, but I think you will get it! Yeah! fingers crossed…


GREAT JOB!!! :slight_smile: Those are fantastic answers! I can’t imagine what else they would want someone to say. Crossing my fingers for you! Let us know when you hear something!


Thanks guys,
fingers crossed, I will let you know as soon as I know.
After this interview I still need to attend a face to face to interview but I will be one step closer!


[QUOTE=bieberlove;1126138]Thanks guys,
fingers crossed, I will let you know as soon as I know.
After this interview I still need to attend a face to face to interview but I will be one step closer![/QUOTE]

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!


Well, I have made it to the final interviews !!!
It will take place January 29th in Toronto, I am so nervous ahaha but so excited!
I never expected to make it this far in the interviewing process!
One more step to go!


whoo hoo

Must have been those great answers you had. Good luck with the next step.