Phone number to place orders when you get home


I have searched this site but cannot find the answer to my question. Does anyone remember the phone number to buy park merchandise after you get home. I could sware that there is a number for this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


there was previous post on this. i do not remember that there was a number, but i do remmeber there was a webpage. i will see if i can find it for you…


I called disney on-line and they transfered me to them


Merchandise Guest Services (407-363-6200)


Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. After we left, DS was heartbroken because he didn’t get an Expedition Everest T-Shirt. Christmas shopping, here I come!


how does it work? can they get you anything that is available on the property?


Thanks for the help. I have never tried this but hopefully it will work!


I’ve used the phone number a couple of times to order stuff and it went well. One time I knew the item number (I couldn’t find my size so I wrote the item number down off the tag) and the other time I just described what I wanted and the CM looked it up.


So I could call and get a new AKL t-shirt to replace the one the mouse chewed! :cool:


That’s right!


a CM told me to go to

I haven’t gone there yet - but she said I can order anything they have in stores at WDW from there (it is on the receipts).