Photo Album/Scrapbook/ Autograph Book


Hey yall! What are yalls thoughts on my idea??

I was looking through the autograph books on disney and they rather plain… I was thinking about making a scrapbook type thing where there will be a slot for a picture of the kids and the charater but the character also signs that page as well. I was wondering if something like this is already made that you can by or if someone else has done this with their kids and if so how did it turn out. Is it worth it in the long run or is it too much of a hassle? I would love any tips/ideas!! I’m not the best at do-it-yourself projects :crying: but I don’t mind trying!! :tongue:


There are two autograph books at Disney, the first is just a book of blank pages, the second is a little larger and has a place for the character to sign and a place for a picture.

Also, there are several scrapbook stores I shop at every once in a while. The other day they were showing me samples of of books that they had made up for just that. Your children may like helping making their own.


I actually rather disliked the autograph book.

I think for some people it can be nice.
But standing in line and such…i’m a little too shy.
Plus I don’t really value autograph books, so for me it doesnt work.


thanks for the info.
I appreciate it. DD will make have to make a decission.


I wish I could get some characters’ autograph without looking like a dork. A 21 yr old asking for autographs is even a little too childish for Disney :laugh: but they’d be nice to put in my scrapbook. :happy:


Oh now…don’t be shy! I am 50+ and I get autographs, pictures and hugs! Interacting with them is so much fun. Besides, it sends a good message to kids that you may have to grow older; but you do not have to grow up! LOL!!


My son has the “plain” autograph book and it is a little boring to look at after the trip…he also has the one where you put the pictures next to the autograph and that makes a really nice keepsake. He keeps it in his bedroom and looks at it often. Since you have a daughter they also have a Princess themed autograph book with slots for pictures. I was thinking about doing the same thing you talked about on our next trip. I was going to take a 5" X 5" scrapbook and leave a page blank and have the characters sign on the oppostire page. Then when I get home I will put the coordinating picture in and maybe some stickers or something cute like that.


My DH would tell you not to encourage me :laugh:


I have two full autograph books from when I was your age! Now I just hunt them down for pictures. :laugh:


I am in my high fourties and I stand in line. GET IN A LINE AND NEVER GROW UP!

And those autographs look real nice in my scrapbook next to my pictures of characters and myself!