Photo Ops in Disneyland and California Adventure


I have a trip planned at the end of May with my family and it’s the first time I’ve been to DL since I was little. I was wondering if anyone could let me know about some great photo ops, either hidden or in palin sight, for me and my family. I’ve been told about the Castle (of course), in front of the Walt/Mickey statue and about the great set of stairs in New Orleans Square by the Christmas shop. If anyone can think of more I would appreciate it!!


All of the official “photo op” spots are marked with a little “camera” sign. There’s a few along the Rivers of America, for example. I’d look for those, or just stop when you see something that you like.

We took our Christmas card picture 2 years ago on those stairs in New Orleans Square. It’s a great spot!


Welcome to D.C!!!


Hey Shelley! Welcome to DC!! :biggrin:

In Disneyland, there are GREAT photo ops everywhere, but it sounds like you have some of the best already planned out! I thought I’d help with DCA since it’s a little more fresh in my mind.

Just a few great photo ops in DCA…

*The bridge over to Paradise Pier. It’s a BEAUTIFUL spot to have your picture taken, with all of Paradies Bay and the rides on the Pier lit up behind you.

*In front of the Tower of Terror is kind of a fun spot, especially aiming up to make the Tower really…well, “tower” over you! :laugh:

*In front of Grizzly River Run, there is a great big carved bear dressed in his river gear…makes a really cute pic

*The entrance plaza is always a beautiful photo op, both in front of the Golden Gate Bridge replica and in front of the golden sun

*One of my faves…down on the Pier, in front of the giant Mickey-head loop on California Screamin’ (especially when it’s lit up at night!) Tilting the camera up, you can get an awesome postcard-like shot of your family’s smiles underneath the sparkling “Paradise Pier” sign + the roller coaster zooming through the Mickey loop! :biggrin:

*Posing for a pic beneath the entryway to Hollywood Pictures Backlot

*The city streetscape facade at the back of Hollywood Pictures Backlot

*Posing in the giant letters that spell out CALIFORNIA outside DCA :smile: C, A and L are particularly easy to sit on LOL!

Anyway, those are just a few…I’m sure there are a lot more that you will discover while you’re there, but it’s late for me and I’m drawing a blank. :sleeping: Haha! Hope those helped a bit.


A great spot at California Adventure is right in front of the golden fountain/sun like dznygrl said. Then there’s the castle at Disneyland, Traditionally people take pics in front of the castle head on, but sometimes its fun to go off to the left/right side. There’s less people on the paths and the angle of the castle looks way cooler! (in my opinion) Just imagine a family in this picture… Just You’d have to lower the camera a bit so you could actually see the path and your fam. Just a suggestion.


My favorite place to take pics in Disneyland is in front of the Matterhorn. There are tons of opportunities for different angles, so I just love it. In DCA it would have to be on the bridge crossing into Paradise Pier. With the pier behind you it is just a FANTASTIC picture!


I really appreciate the suggestions. I’m planning on taking hundreds of shots, so these will be great. If anyone has anymore ideas, please let me know!!