Photo package question


Was looking at the breakie option of Norway vs cindy’s castle and noticed the photo package was listed as 4 people per package. Now, does this mean only 4 people per picture or only 4 pictures per group regardless of how many in the pic? Reason i’m asking is we’re a family of 5 (with 7 going) and trying to weigh the cost. If 2 packages would be incl because we’re 5 then it’s worth it, but if they break the group into 4’s as listed in one description "Large parties are broken down into approximately 4 people per package," then would one of us would not be in the pic? Really confusing:confused:


No, we were just there and had 5 in our group. That just meant that we received 2 photo packages. They don’t care who is in the pictures, you just get more pictures!!


Same with us, we are a party of five and received two photo packages. We did one with the whole family and one with just the kids.


Goodie, so then for the extra pics it may just be worth it now since our 5th is child price anyway. Thanks guys :wink:


In december when we went, we recieved 2 photo packages as well, there are 5 of us also (one and infant though)!