Photo pass plus


Ok so I have taken the plunge and upgraded to the new photo pass plus, We will be a party of 8 (6 adults and 2 children). So to me it seems like a no brainer taking advantage of the ride photos and the dinning photo’s also our princesses are doing Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.

Has anyone used this yet and can you give me any advice/ tips on how to make it woke well for me. :wub:


I think I am going to go for the Plus for our upcoming trip. I am eager to hear your thoughts when you return.


We are a group of 7 (4/3) and are thinking about it. We haven’t decided yet tho. how would it work with the CD? Could we burn a second copy?


You should be able to import the pictures from the CD to your computer and then burn a second disc from the files on your computer. Or you could put them on a jump drive and they could load them right onto their computer without burning them onto a second disc.


awesome. Thank you!


Jimbo, I just bought this for our trip in September. It looks like your going before I am so I’m really interested in hearing how you liked it and if it was worth using.


I’m really looking forward to hearing how this works out, too. It will pay for us to try it because last year we shelled out $80 for two dining pics for my mom and one ride pick I just had to have of me and my dad on his first roller coaster ride. It was hilarious!

Can’t wait to hear the report on how you made it work for multiple people on one card!


Wow the pressure is on for me now to report back about this :eek:

I have had the usual photopass in the past and it worked out fine for us and we burned extra CD’s at home. :heart: