Photo Pass Postcards?


We are going to be in WDW during father’s day. My husband & I are going to mail postcards to our dads right when we get there (Tues).

Does anyone know if Photopass offers photo postcards to buy (with a pic of us taken by a WDW photographer)? Thought it would be nice to send the granddads pics of the kids at WDW.



I don’t know the answer, but what a cute idea. I’ll be watching to see if someone knows.


I agree that this is a super cute idea! I don’t know if you can do that either, but I can’t wait to find out if you can!


I have no idea… just wanted to say… mail them asap. I mailed some out the day we got to our resort, and it took over a week for pep’s to receive them.


Really?! Yike, then they won’t get them in time for Father’s Day.

May need to rethink my plan, and mail regular card out b4 we leave.

Hope you had a great trip, Daisee! How were the crowd levels? Mickey told me today the resorts aren’t booked up as much as years past. Bad for Disney, but hopefully lower crowds for us.


I would send one out in advance, and maybe a post card when you get there as well.

As far as crowd levels… we thought they were lower than we have experienced in the past. We walked on most rides, most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, there were times when the stand by time was 30 minutes or so, but that wasn’t often.