Photo Pass


We are going in JUne- is it too early to preorder the photo pass? Do you think Disney will stop doing the preorder any time soon? Thanks!!:flowers:


Photopass is available all through Disney. You’ll get a card in one of the parks, use it for the entire stay. It’s an awesome free service…


If you are talking about their offer of $99.00 pre-paid, I would say it is never too early to order it.

In the event that you don’t have enough pictures on it once you are back home, they will refund you the $ 99.00 as long as you don’t order the CD :wink:


Goodness, I thought they were talking about Photopass as a service provided by WDW… Sorry:redface:


:laugh: I don’t thing it’s too early. I’ve already ordered it for our September trip!


No, I would pre-order now, that way if the price would go up, you would be locked in. It’s a win win deal. If you decide you don’t want it, or you have to cancel your trip, then you can get a full refund.


They are, Michael, but Disney is offering the pre-pay thing and it’s worth it. They send you a card (with the pre-paid thing) which the photographers swipe, just like if you got a card in the parks.


I guess since it’s just Dave and I we really don’t utilize the PhotoPass very much…but is the $99.00 really worth it? What is the benefit of pre-ordering it?
Literally we end up with maybe 6 photopass pictures at the end of a trip…but I can see how if we had kiddos we may use it more.


The benefit is that if you don’t, but choose to buy it after your vacation that it will cost you 124.00. However, if you pre buy it and choose not to get the CD after all, they will refund your money. So, you save $25.00.


I did not realize that they would refund it if you wanted!! Definitely going to order it now!! So, as Dopey said- they send you a card to use? I thought you could use the ones from the park. I was hoping to get a new photopass card every few days in case I accidently lose one I do not lose all pics. Can someone clarify this? Thanks!!


If you go to the water parks they will give you a new card that goes around your wrist. If you lose one they can ussually get your pictures for you, IF you have very good info of what was on the card. What you were wearing, where, when, who, glasses worn etc. My DD lost one and at first they didn’t find it but then the day they would expire, which I held out for thank God, I got a new email saying they did find it. You have places to add other card #'s in and you can add your own from home. We had pics from the rides that couldn’t use the Photopass and I scanned & added them on. Which was great b/c DS was scared to death on those and you can now see his face and how scared he was. Honeslty it is just too cute and he will appreciate it one day! We got a promo code from a 40% off package and got ours free. As soon as I can I’m getting this preorder package for our upcoming trip! DH didn’t want to get his pics done all the time but after seeing it he was disappointed that he hung out for some. So if have someone like that…let them see the video on how to make it before the trip! It’s really worth it!


We have used the “pre-order” feature twice now, and on our trip in August, we really didn’t have that many pictures taken on the photopass, but it was still worth the $99, because it would have definitely cost more if we paid to have prints made.


This is exactly the reason why I’m buying the pre-paid cd this year. I spent more on the prints for those few photos at last year’s PPP than I would’ve buying the cd and ordering prints from Kodak. Definitely get the CD.


You can get a new photo card every time someone takes your picture if you want. Then, when you order your card, you can put all of the numbers on that one CD and all of your photos will appear.
I’ve had several cards for some reason. It’s all very, very easy and uncomplicated