Photo Pass


I love Disney but dang! Why must the pics be so pricey! One year I got the cd with a bunch of gift cards.


I used Photopass the first two visits. Paid for in advance to take advantage of the discount, but not sure if i’ll do it this time. I heard you can’t buy in advance anymore:angry:


I buy a few pictures here and there but, honesty, the pictures really aren’t that great. We’ve gotten some decent pictures through the years but never enough to buy the CD.


I always purchase the CD. always got to pre purchase at discount. figure if you’re going to spend a couple thousand on vacation, what’s $100 for the pictures. I have always had great pics.


We purchased the photopass CD in advance for our last three visits. I love the photos especially with the enhancements.

Of course I try to find discounts for them all.


We always purchase the cd as well and this year I got it for $75!! What a bargain :slight_smile:


We only bought the CD one year, and only because we ended up with sooo many Photo Pass pictures.


if i am not mistaken, you are suppose to get an email from Disney 30 days prior to your trip, for the prepaid offer…i am going to search for the info…i was all po’ed to when i found out you can’t preorder but then i called PHOTOPASS and they confirmed it, i will try and post the info as soon as i find it:heart:


The pre-arrival savings offer is made available through the marketing
department of Disney Destinations. In order to receive this prepurchase offer, the guest must meet the following guidelines:
-Have an upcoming reservation in a Walt Disney World Hotel
-Have their email address on file in the marketing database
-Have opted in to receive email from the Walt Disney World company.
If you meet these requirements, you can expect to see this email (called “Magical Musts”) about
30-45 days prior to your arrival. Note that the email contains planning
information for your trip and that the Disney’s PhotoPass offer is just
a small section of the email.
Once you have received this email, you are within a safe time frame in
which to make your prepurchase without worry that your promotional
credit(s) will expire.
*Please note that this link is only available for one pre-Purchase offer and must be purchased prior to your arrival date as this is directly
linked to your reservation. This link is non-transferable. This offer
will expire at 11:59 PM the day prior to your arrival date.
If you do not receive this offer, it could be because your email address is not on file and/or permission was not granted to send marketing
messages to you. Also, if you booked through a travel agent, we may not have your email address in our database.


The year I used the gift cards was cool, the other two cd’s I paid cash:mad:
But there were so many good shots of the family and especially the kids that I couldn’t pass it up.


we alwyas end up buying one or two for each park… with a character in it! once we had tinkerbell in our hands (which turned out really cute) and stitch sitting on bench sitting next to my sister and I!
We usually try to take as many pictures as we can with our own camera because its so pricey, but still pretty cute :laugh:


I only like the photo pass so that if anything happens to our camera then at least we have some pics. Last time DH and I had the photographer use our camera and then theirs. Honestly we loved the pictures taken with my canon rebel much more then the ones taken with their digital. We never bought any but were happy the option was there.