Photopass Card in the mail?


I just checked our mail and there was an envelope from disney… Humm. I opened it to find a letter saying that our upcomming trip/stay at BLT is a short time away and here is a photopass for us to use. It just says that I have to register the card before we leave… KEWL! I have never gotten a photo pass in the mail, I have just gotten one when we got to the parks. Is this something new? Just wondering! Thanks!


I got one yesterday too, but I thought they offered you an advance purchase discount as well. Anyone know anything about this?


We always get one when we book our trip through AAA.


That’s the only time I’ve received one before leaving too…


We received one in our packet that came with the luggage tags etc.



I just registered mine. First time I have ever received a photopass in the mail. I’m assuming they are in the mist of a new marketing plan for photopass. I think its a good idea, because when we get there, I don’t tend to think about photopass. This time, I’ve already have it in my head to use it, seeing I have the card sitting in front of me.


I registered mine as well. I hope that they just connect the number on that card to a hard card. That card is flimsy as anything!!


I got one for the first time too and registered hoping to get a pre pay discount and nope. very flimsy so i might now use it when we get there.


Here’s a link to the pre pay photopass. Order before you go and the CDs only $99.95. :closedeye

Disney’s PhotoCD Pre-Arrival Savings Offer


I actually just went home for lunch and checked my mail and I got my package details with the luggage tags and vouchers and there was a photopass card also. All I have to do is pre-register and it will available for use when we arrive. Pretty neat!


Does that mean you will get an actual card when you check in? Like it will be part of your package with you KTTW cards?


No, you don’t get another card. It held up fine on our week long trip in May. In fact, we kept it in our ticket pouch on our lanyard and had the barcode side showing, then all they had to do was scan it through the plastic, very rarely took it out. It was great! I did the pre-purchase and we got pictures made every chance we got. DS got tired of always having to pose, but that’s his problem, we got some GREAT pictures and didn’t stress about taking our own pictures as much since we knew we had already bought the Photopass!


We got one last year and preregistered it and when I got back home upon using it at Disney we had a coupon for $40 off the cd.


I received one before my last trip. I forgot to register it though…so I just got one in the park.

I’m glad to hear there is a discount for preordering a cd - I’m going to jump right on that - AWESOME!