Photopass cd


Can anyone tell me the cost of the photopass cd? I checked the website but there isn’t a price next to the cd. I thought it was a standard cost for the cd no matter how many pics were on it. I have purchased it in the past, but My friend wants to know about this service to help her decide if she will bother to line up for the picture taking or not.


If you preorder it, it is just under a hundred dollars. If you want till you get home it’s 150. We get it but only when we have a family trip. That’s myself, DH, DS and DDIL, DD and DSIL and two grandkids. We get pictures all together, but also pictures when we break up the group.

Last time, they were with the characters lines (not meals), so that was nice. I think you get a better picture than trying to hold stuff, get kids to smile, take picture, shift everything to the next character, etc.


I believe the regular price for it is $149. But usually an email comes close to your departure day that offers the CD for $99. That’s what we paid.

Good luck!


And if you have an event you are celebrating, a discount card ends up in your room.

Unless they only do that for the ultra - cool guys, like moi.


Thanks for the replies guys.