PhotoPass kiosks coming to the resorts


Disney is adding PhotoPass kiosks/desks to the resort lobbies. According to the photopass CMs I spoke to they are trying to get photopass kiosks at every Disney resort over the next several months. You can do everything there that you could do at the parks.

The CM at Beach Club said there are kiosks are in 4 resorts so far and they are working on getting a desk in every resort. The kiosk at BC had only been there 2 weeks. The CM told me which 4 resorts had the desk already but the only one I can remember is GF.


Yes, GF has one. They have photopass photographers there as well. We used the kiosk after the tea party. That is very convenient! It will be nice to have them at all the resorts.


That would be very nice. Thanks for the info.


Does this mean that there would be photopass photographers at every resort with a kiosk?



Oh, I am not sure about that. We had just finished with the Tea Party, and a Photopass photographer comes running up the staircase to take photo’s of the girls & hands them each a card afterward. He told them to come by the kiosk in a few minutes to see their photo’s. I mentioned that I was quite impressed, and he said it is something new they are doing.


The PhotoPass CM I spoke to at BC the other day said they are working to get one in each resort. She said so far they have 4 resorts set up with a PhotoPass desk and they are working on all the other resorts. The desk at BC had been open 12 days the CM said.


I love the idea of a photopass kiosk at my resort. It would make using photopass so much easier!


Is the kiosk just a place to view and purchase Photopass pictures?


That’s what it seemed to be at GF. They had computer screens for viewing your photo’s.


That is a really great idea!
Thanks for the info.


Yes, you can take care of your photoPass business but they also can take pictures for you. While we were sitting waiting to leave there were two PhotoPass CMs manning the desk so I’m guessing one could easily step away and take some pictures since the CMs had cameras.

We didn’t see anyone at the desk any time we walked by so I don’t know how popular this is going to be. Maybe when more people hear about it they will get busier.


Great News! Thanks!


The Polynesian resort as a kiosk now. It is located on the 2nd floor right next to Trader Jacks and the monorail entrance.


I think there is one in the GF too on the second level. You can order the leather bound books from them there as well!


Does anyone know if they will offer any “specials” similar to the $99.95 pre purchase deal that they offer at their website. That would be nice in case someone wanted to do a pre purchase and then let it slip their mind.


Thanks for the news, DT.


Do they have one of these set up at SSR?


I would love to have photographers at the resorts too. I don’t know if it will ever happen though. They would probably get stuck following around the same family all day…

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Not yet but I’ sure it’s coming. So far only 4 resorts have the desk but the CM said they are planning to have a desk in every resort.


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