Photopass photographers


So I was wondering why they don’t have more photopass photographers at the other things, like the Jedi training and stuff like that. I would love to see more photopass people, at more things than the just the icons and the characters.


I think its because they have to have so many people at the main typical places that EVERYONE wants to get rather than vague places that SOME might want to get- also the percentage of those that buy the pictures are not as high as you would think Im sure.


I know if they took pictures of DS fighting Darth Vadar I would definitely buy them, lol.


That is why I have decided just to stick with our pictures. There will be two of us with cameras and the photopass is useless to me if they are not everywhere.


I feel like there aren’t as many PP photographers as there used to be. I often see them standing there not taking any photos. It doesn’t make sense to add more when the ones they have are being under utilized. JMO, of course.


If the package were cheaper they would most likely have more people take advantage of it. If they are just standing around then that tells you they are not close to capacity. $100 for pictures that I can do myself for the most part is just too much. Maybe I am just too cheap.


We bought the cd and the pictures are great most of them. Some of them I don’t know what the people were taking pictures of. Some of the pictures weren’t even on the cd, they got lost somehow. I don’t think 100 dollars is t much to spend if the photos are good. I just wish there were more PP photographers and we had to wait a few times to get our picture taken in front of the park icons.


I am glad that I bought the photo CD, but we had so much trouble finding photographers for the first 2 days, I actually was very frustrated. Then when we found one at AK, he told us that he wouldn’t take our pics and instead to, wait for another photographer to come along :pinch:


That is another reason I decided against the package. The last thing I want is to wait for someone to have time to take the picture plus they look better when I am not in them. :smile:


I have to agree with you on this one. In years past, they were flagging you down to get a photo. I noticed last year, there were fewer photographers, and often times they were just standing waiting for someone to ask them.


You can still use the photopass even without the package . . . I like it just for that one special photo that I can add the photopass enhancements too . . . like year of a million dreams, the year and tink!

Photopass photographers will also use your camera to take the shot, after they’ve used theirs . . . the cards they give are FREE, and you can view them and share them online for 30 days!

And if you luck out and there are 100 photos you like . . . then buy the package . . . it will cost you a little more, but at least you’ll know what you are getting!


Well on the Disney Casting site . . . they are looking to hire Photopass photographers . . . hmmmm!?


I was under the impression you had to buy in advance. That may change my whole outlook on things.

Post 100!!! Yahoo!


I suspect the turnover is high.

I’m also a fan of Photopass. I’ve never bought the CD, but I love checking out all the pictures and usually end up purchasing one or two really special ones that I wouldn’t have had if they weren’t there!


I’m sure! You had to have all these credentials and I think the pay was like $10/hour :eek:

I do the same . . . their cameras are better with the bigger flashes, so lighting is better . . . plus I like to add the little icons on with the year from the site ($12.95 for a 5x7 is steep, but they run specials too) You can now upload your own pics and do that too them! :happy:

The photobooks are cool too: Disney’s PhotoPass - Welcome


nope, when you get home, you punch in the numbers of your various PP cards, and create an acct. From there you can resize, crop, rotate, etc. Add borders, sayings, icons, the year, etc!

You can create books, cds, emails and individual photos (they mail it all to you)

On the map of the P&PP on the back there is a coupon: It says, buy your Photopass photos tonight at a special cost of 40% Off . . . so depending when you are doing the P&PP during your trip . . . it might be worth checking it out! I know there is a kiosk in the tent in Toontown, where you can view and buy!

CONGRATS on your 100th post . . . now you can add your countdown!! :happy:


No you don’t, but they give you a deal if you do. It was $99 pre-paid or $124. afterwards, I think

congrats on 100 posts :smile:


The benefit of the pre-pay is the savings. You have up to 2 weeks after your trip to cancel the order, if you decide that you don’t want it, and you get a full refund, so nothing to really lose by pre-purchase.

We got some great pictures that my camera was not capable of doing.

I did have one set - with captain hook that was not put on my card. Didn’t realize until after I was home.