Photopass Pictures


here are some of the pictures from the photopass.
I pre-purchased the photopass before we went for the $99.95 so we made sure we had lots of pictures taken.

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awww-= you should have brought the ears “just because” LOL

I love the one with the 2007- its so fun and cute!


I got to hold a baby!

I wish more of the attractions let you put the photopass card in for the picture

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I thought about it (taking the ears) but I’m not quite forward enough to wear them… I think it takes someone special - woohoo



awww- Im not special… it was just special to be there without the kids! Im just jealous of those that get to do it for the real deal like your son!




What great pics!!! :happy:


I made a Christmas card using this picture for the front

and this picture for the back :laugh:



Charlie and Jamie did have a wonderful time, and you can remember, you will always be part of their special time and pictures! Thanks again.

and you are right, it is different being there without kids. A good different, but all the same different. I hope the next time we go back we can share it with grandkids! (may take us another 11 years to go back!)



The photopass may be a little expensive, but you’re right, I do have some great pics.

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I love your pictures!!!

How does the $99 deal work? My father just got an email offering us this on our grand gathering (he’s the main contact), and I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing to do or not. Do they give you one photopass card to have each photographer swipe or do you just get a bunch of cards and take them to one photo location? Do you get a cd of all your pictures?
Boy I’m just full of questions:blush: !!


THEY STOLE MY SLED PICTURE SPOT!!! :laugh: I love your pictures, they are so great!!! I really like the one with Tinkerbell that says “where dreams come true!” :heart: OH, and those Star Wars ones are just so funny!!! I love the lightsaber & Yoda in there! Wonderful!


just go to Disney’s PhotoPass - Welcome and do a pre-purchase. I don’t think it matters who purchases it. You can all get a card - several ones. Either before you leave DW have all the cards put onto one card, or I think you can even enter all of the cards onto the site on the internet when you get home. Then you add your borders (tinkerbell, etc). When you purchase the cd, you enter the code you were given on the prepurchase email you received. I had my CD 4 days after I ordered it. You get the rights to print the pictures as you want.

If there are several families going, you could split the cost of the CD and make copies!

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Yea, we used your sled spot! It sure makes a great picture, doesn’t it?

and the Star Wars one… I told my husband to go get on it, and he said no but agreed to stand by it. I didn’t see the photopass guy until he went over. Well… he made Rob get on it, then strapped Yoda to his back and handed him the lightsaber. Oh, if looks could kill… well, he would have been finishing the trip himself. (look at the picture again and really look at the “raised eyebrows” (oh and he doesn’t know I’m sharing the picture on this board either !) But end result… we both loved the picture, especially with the Star Wars border.

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Love your pictures…I may steal some of your spots :laugh:


go for it… they aren’t “my spots”

I think this is nice where we can share pics and give others ideas! I just love the view off to the left of the castle, in front of the Crystal Palace. There are hardly any people behind you.

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Those pics are great!!

I love this Photopass thing…it would be totally worth the money to me, because one of my least favorite things about Disney trips with DH is we never have enough pics of us together.


Great pics! I’ve never seen FP people in some of these spots before. You are both so cute. Thanks for sharing them.


Thanks for the info Sue! We’re going to do it this year!
I just love the Star Wars pictures!!


those pics are so cute, I love the one where your holding baby simba!