Photopass Problems


Hi All–

I’m trying Edit our 1500 photopass photos, but I keep running into trouble. Sometimes no boarders show up. Sometimes only one. Sometimes a bunch, but they load improperly. Also, sometimes the original picture saves and the edit saves as a new photo and sometimes the original is gone. I am using a MAC. Anyone had these troubles before? Were you using Mac or PC? Any ideas on how to fix it?



Could you copy the contents of the photo pass CD into a new folder, then if when editing the original is lost, you have a back up? Are you using iPhoto on the Mac? I am very new to Mac, but Tigger is an absolute expert- I’m sure he’ll help if he can, he helped me an awful lot. Good luck.


Call them (Photopass) They helped me with an issue I had.


Alert the press, Boss has been seen on the board. Hope all is well.