Photopass sharing


I read on another forum where they are sharing a photopass. Have 5-7 people go in on the cost and one “leader” sets it all up then mails each of the others a copy of the dvd when they get it.

has this ever been done here? Opinions?


I know this was planned at one time by some MBers. I think they were going to be trying it out this summer or fall. If I remember correctly, I think DisneyTeacher might have more info.


I went and checked the old threads and I don’t see anything. Maybe I too saw people sharing on another site.

If you are looking for someone to share with, I would be interested. However, I have never used it before so I don’t think I would be a very good leader.


It’s a hot topic on some other boards as it’s stretching (breaking some would say) the rules of PhotoPass. I think the hot topic part comes because some people have called Disney and flat out asked if this was ok and they were told no, that wasn’t how PhotoPass was intended to be used.

I would like more information from Disney before moving forward with this.

My personal feelings–
I see a lot of problems that could come of this and I wouldn’t want to deal with those. You are trusting your vacation photos to another member, I see a lot of risk in that.


IMO… I think it is a way to abuse the system. When this happens, we all end of paying for it in the end.


I think you can still pre-order the photopass cd for $99.95 if you go to the photopass site. I will see if I can find the link.


For our last trip, party of 15, we ended up with 6-7 Photopass cards amongst us; each card held pictures of the various families…blended in different ways. Once we got home I collected the photopasses and activated them on the site and shared them online with our group. At that point we agreed we should purchase a CD and share it to print pictures from that. I never thought of it as cheating the system, it’s all of us…one big extended family. It’s a purchase we made that we otherwise individually wouldn’t have…hmmm, now I’m thinking we did something bad.


I don’t see anything wrong in this as you are “all one family/friends” You were vacationing together and probably did enjoy the pictures of each other.

The “sharing” I was talking about included people who you don’t really even know, probably never met.


I’d be afraid something would happen to my pics letting 5 other people circle the CD around. I’d probably just foot the cost myself.


I know when we didn’t order the cd by the deadline, they offered it to us for 75% off. If I would have used it more, I probably would have ordered it, but didn’t even know what the photopass was until towards the end of the trip…NOW I know.
Back to the topic…I don’t think that is the way it is supposed to be used. I am sure once Disney analyzes it’s abuse, they will change that program too…just like the Dining plan abusers.


that’s what I thought. For instance you have to have all cards combined before you leave Disney and only one can pull up on a card?

I wish they would offer more on the card, like all the ride pictures, not just test track. This would make it more of a value.

I know I purchased it last time for DH and I, but I’m kicking it around this time. If I had kids going it would be no question on getting it. They are nice pictures.


We preordered and ended up with three photopass cards. It wasn’t a problem at all. We just added them so we had them all in the same account.


I know you can do that now and that is how they are sharing the CD. I meant if Disney catches on to the sharing they may make you combine them before you leave and only enter one card onto the site.


When we went in August '06 with my FIL and MIL and they brought along our neice, we did this, but we were always together and were all in the photos together. It seemed silly to me to buy more than one CD with the same photos on it when we could all share. :closedeye


When the photopass first came out and you had to convert your pics to a CD while still at WDW (at the Judges Tent), they let me and my sister blend our passes…we had pics of each others kids and our group grouped together at different attractions…and then they let us pay 50-50 at the register…so I guess I never thought differently when we ordered online. We had so many passes this time because we had a photopass from a couple different parks (forgot one in the room one day) and a couple from the Pirate & Princess Party and then another from Blizzard Beach…so that’s why we had to blend so many. As for sharing the CD with the group, it’s basically us,my DSis and our best friends and we share all of our other vacation pics CD with each other from all of our trips so I don’t really foresee it being an issue with photopass pics. I could see it getting ugly if we had other people involved.


I can see it getting ugly too if you’re trying to share with people you might not trust as much as family or close friends. I think most people would be fine.


I’ve been involved twice…once with a friend (who I’ve met) on another site (we paid $50 each), and once with a couple of strangers…I paid $20.


Nobody got any pics messed up, missing, or anything? I’d be nervous that someone using it before me would lose my stuff. :pinch: :laugh:


Nope, everything turned out GREAT! So much so, that I’m doing it again in November. $18.

Whenever I have the PhotoPass person take the pic using the pass, I also have them take that very same picture using my own camera. Just in case.


That’s a great idea.:happy: