Does anyone know if the photopass cards are reusuable?

We got an awesome one that is small and has a wrist-band from Pixie Hallow and I loved that I could attach it to my camera case and DH wouldn’t have to dig it out of his pocket!


We have been using the same PP card since 2004.


Wow! I had no idea you could do that!


That is GREAT!!! I didn’t know that either! UNTIL NOW!!! Thanks!!


Is pixie hollow the only place to get the wrist band one? I hate digging in my wristlet just to get the card out.


You can also get it at the Water Parks. I thought that wristband one was AMAZING!!! I didn’t know you could reuse them, however…and I threw it away. :crying:


Thanks Kim! I doubt we are going to the water parks so I guess we are going to be going to Pixie Hollow.


I automatically throw them away after my pictures expire online. I just get a new one each time.


I love the wrist one as well!! So easy and convenient!


I was in Disney about 3 weeks ago in Pixie Hollow and they just gave out a regular card then, When they first opened they where giving out the ones on the wristband but it lookslike now they have stopped.


We got ours in Pixie Hollow in the beginning of May! Maybe they were out that day?

I used to check them on-line and then throw them out thinking I couldn’t use them anymore but I’m glad now I know better!