Yes another photopass question. I was wondering if anyone know if the photo’s that you upload and edit are included if you order the c.d. or if it is only the photopass pictures that are included?


Yes the are… we turned 300 pictures to over 600…


And then I can order my uploaded photos on a c.d. the same way with the origianals and the edited ones? Is that correct. Sorry I know this my sound like the basics but this is our first family trip with my step kids and I want to make sure it is well documented, you only get to do the first family vaca once oh and it is there first time to any part of the WORLD so.


I think JUST THE edited photopass pictures are on the cd. NOT the ones you take with your own camera . . . I asked this question once, because it’s confusing what it says online.

When you edit a photopass picture (boarders, sayings, etc) you can save over or save as new.

I’m hoping someone here can confirm this for you?


I am in need of a photpass code for pre-ordering, I know it is already cheaper to pre-order, but I know a couple of months ago there was a Disney Visa code that was another 15%. Anyone have one out there?


You cannot put your own pictures on the Photopass CD. The only pictures on it are the ones taken by the photopass photographers and those that you edited (taken by the photographer). It does not allow you to add your pictures to the CD…we tried.


I thought it did! Hmmm, I guess I am confused, is it that you can just upload yours and edit them, then you need to order them separately for a separate price all together?


exactly. we tried last time. and i refuse to pay what they charge for their prints!!


I think now that I have looked into it a little more that if you uplaod and edit your personal photo’s you can buy a seperate C.D. called the personal photo archive C.D for 19.95, that includes your origionals as well as your edited photos. You can use disney backgrounds and boarders with your personal photos but not the signatures