What is Photopass?
Does it have any cost if I just see the photos and download them from the web?


[QUOTE=igorcb;1033774]What is Photopass?
Does it have any cost if I just see the photos and download them from the web?[/QUOTE]

Photopass is a little card that you can keep up with on your WDW vacation so that all of your photos are in the same place. You can get a photopass card from any WDW photopass photographer, or you could pre-order a photopass CD online.

The photopass system is absolutely free. Just hand your photopass card to the photographer before you get your picture taken. You can view your photopass photos in the park or online when you get home. From the internet, you can order prints. The photos are not free, though (well, you could rip them off the Internet, but it wouldn’t be high-quality). I believe you can purchase your photos on a CD so that you’ll have digital copies.

You can also choose to pre-order a photopass CD. This way, you can collect as many photos as possible throughout your vacation, and you’ll get digital copies. If you know you’re going to take a lot of pictures, then this could turn out to be a really good deal. I’ve never done this, so hopefully some MBers who have will respond.

Here’s a link with pricing information - Disney’s PhotoPass - Photo Products

And here’s an AllEarsNet article with everything you need to know - Disney’s PhotoPass


I do not believe you can down load the pics for free. As with most Disney stuff, everything has it’s price. We always use the service, though. They take absolutely great pictures. and now they enhance them by adding characters, etc.


Technically you could get them off the internet by taking a screenshot… it won’t let you right click and save or download. But as LittleMissMagic said, the preview quality online is pretty poor. If you want a decent photopass picture, you would have to buy it.


We don’t leave home without it when we head to WDW. It’s excellent quality, easy to do, plenty of pics, cost effective, and you can’t lose your camera! There are many photographers everywhere so I would suggest you try it and see if it fits you needs.


can you add the photos of rides you are on as well.


No. The only ride photo that is compatible with Disney’s photopass is Test Track. With the Test Track photo, you can slide your photopass into a kiosk in the viewing area and save your picture onto your photopass. However, none of the other ride photos have adapted photopass - not even the brand new Space Mountain photo.


What about E Everest? I thought that one was added, also. But then - we all know what happens around here when I think …


I’m not sure… I don’t remember it being available when I was last there in February, but that was a while back, so maybe they’ve added it. I wish they would add it to all of the rides. We’ve been wanting a RnRC ride photo for YEARS, but we always gamble for a better picture and miss out. If we could collect them throughout our stay, then we could choose the best. I think photopass would definitely increase ride photo purchases because not many people want to wait in line to buy a picture after their ride when they could be hitting up other attractions.


This is and angle I never considered. Great idea, Littlemiss.


[QUOTE=igorcb;1033774]What is Photopass?

Well the guy’s have answered this i think… I would say if you are going with the family its a great way of getting lots of good photos of all the family. you pay for the C.D then print at home or the store. on the disney site you can add bourders and signitures, you coul get hundreds of photos on one CD. our kids (teenagers that spent some time on there own in the park) loved the photopass.

enjoy your trip:heart:


Just remember there is a time frame if you chose to not purchase the disc. It’s 30 days I believe once you’re photos are logged into it.