Photopasses at the Parks


You can now buy a CD with upto 400 pictures at EPCOT Camera centre for about $107 inc tax. You can add as many photopasses to the cd as you like. We split the cost with another family to reduce the cost even more. The picture are Hi-Res and you can do what you want with them except make any money.

This is a recent and we only found out about it on a few days before we left. We had over 150 pictures between the 2 families. Alot of the character meet and greets also have the photopass photographers as well now.

You can also get a CD at Toontown but only of the pictures taken at toon and it cost $49.00 plus tax.


I read about this on another site, I think it’s a great idea if you have had a lot of pictures taken during your stay. We only had about 10 taken in 3-4 different locations. This next trip might be different, I think we’ll have a lot more taken. The price seems pretty good when you think about how much you have to pay for each picture that Disney prints.


Do you have to do it at EPCOT? or can I order it from my Photopass right now? We just took a trip 3 weeks ago and I still have access to my pics online? Of course we JUST ordered pics a few days ago, but it’d be nice to have a CD too. Do you know if I can still get one?


Hmm, that sounds pretty cool. They can combine different photopass cards onto one CD? How many copies of the CD do you get for that price?


Wait I am confused… what is this about? Your own pics, or the pics they take at teh parks for you? How does it work?


These are for the pictures that are taken of you for you in the parks.

We ended up with a couple of really good pictures last summer and bought 3 5x7 once we got home. This summer I plan to have a lot more pictures taken and may get the CD if we decided we want to buy 4 or more pictures.


So do they keep all your pics under one ID number somewhere? And can you combine other park pics with each other? And how do we participate in this?


… oh and if I pay them a little extra, will they airbrush out those annoying saddlebags? LOL :tongue:


:laugh: For an extra fee they will do it all!


So are the photos from all of the parks included (except toontown)?


All of the photos from your PhotoPass card(s) will be included on the CD.


We had 4 photopasses add to the CD. We were there for 3 weeks and had 140 photos, We even added our friends pass added.

You only get 1 copy of the CD for $99 but they are high res so you can print them at home.


Where can we find out more info on this?


Its only available at EPCOT. Its not available online. :sad: Sorry.

There is a way of getting you pictures from the web site but they are not hi-res. They will be ok for web veiwing or printing as small photos. :whistling :blush:


We only found out about it when at Toontown on Christmas day. A Photopass CM told us about the CD but they never mentioned where we could get it done. It took us a few visit to the camera centres to finally find out where to get it.


Shucks. Oh well, we’ll be going back in 60 days and we’ll just have to do another PhotoPass, huh?? We’ll have a big group with us, so if we combine passes and split costs, it could come out to our advantage!! Thanks for the info!!