:nuke: I Can’t believe that i have just found another photopass but the 30 days expiry is up, does anyone know if they are still recoverable?:nuke:


The only way to find out is to try it.


You can definately try and if you really want to find out, you can send an email. The pictures are up for quite a while. every photographer knows the secret to keeping pictures current. First things first, the picture becomes expired 30 days after taking it, it’s life is extended by 30 more days once you registered it online.

The actual file only gets compressed every 60-90 days, and then stored in a back-back-back up system for later retrival. I know it’s been done before.

Our key is to take the pics, register it, transfer it to a new card, register that one online and they’ll still be there 6 month later (as long as you keep the cycle going). I start collecting pictures the second half of the year and then do a CD burn at the end of the year after christmas is over.


I take it that you are a member of the Photopass Team at one of the Disney World Parks…

Maybe you took some of our pictures…!

Anyway can i just say that the quality of the photopass pictures are spot on!!

Magical…how corny!!

Hope to hear from SandrA9810 as soon as possible.


I agree with TomTom! I just printed my photopass pictures and they are amazing!


Sorry, hit submit too fast! When I was trying to order my CD the website was not allowing me to order? I emailed them as I was panicking and they said the pictures would still be available after the 30 day mark if the order wasn’t going through and not to worry.

Definately worth an email to them, they can probally recover them. Best of Luck!


I believe I ordered prints after the deadline… not by much, only a few days. But they still were available, and they look great.


Hi all, thanks for info regarding photopass retrieval…

Is there a specific e.mail address that i should be looking for…

Please advise…

:crying: “Magic Wands” crossed!:crying:


Disney’s PhotoPass Help

Sorry, you will need to type it out, my “paste” of the website address didn’t seem to work. Hope this is what you need. Holy cow! I did get it to work!


Thanks for that ‘nancyk’, still not sure what the address is though! Please Advise…

Many Thanks


i would call rather than email - speaking to a real live person can sometimes get you farther. good luck!

btw - the phone number and/or email should be on that link nancyk gave you - just look for a contact us section.


Just click on Photopass help & the addres will come up on your computer.
But this is it all typed out: