Photos of La Hacienda de San Angel


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The Tarps are down!! Take a look . . .

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The Tarps are down!! Take a look . . .

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Oh my God, when did they take those down? I was just there on Sunday and it was tarp city! So sad I missed seeing it live.


Looks nice! I like it.


I think it was today! Based on what she was posting on Facebook.


Has the front of mexico always been covered that much? Wow, funny how you never notice things until they’re changed a bit.


We were at Epcot yesterday. It looks beautiful, but you can only see the building from the waterside. The fencing is still up around it as you walk by on the pavement. And no, the front of Mexico wasn’t always covered - the new building BIG! Looks more like a sit-down restaurant than a counter-service.


It does look like it blocks some of the Mexico Pavillion. Hope it looks better when we are actually there.


Psst! Those things are not tarps. They’re devices from the theatrical world and they’re called “scrims”. The difference is that a tarp (or tarpaulin) is a large, solid, water proof sheet. These things are actually mesh that allows wind to blow through it and not become a sail, not waterproof in the least, and when used to hide speakers, almost sonically transparent. Also, scrims often/usually have advertising or other graphics (like scenic elements) painted or printed on them. Examples, those “Toyota” banners that cover speakers at a concert, the scrims that cover buildings in WDW that are being repainted.

This has been Rock School lesson #143.


We are going at the end of the month and was hoping to eat there…keeping fingers crossed!


From what I understood that during the day the counter service will be using it as a seating area during the day then come 4:00 the table service takes over… Disney called it “Flex Seating”… I read it on the Disney Food Blog yesturday…


They said that originally about Via Napoli as well and now it is ALL sit down! Time will tell…but I certainly hope they stick with the original plan…once you get into that part of Epcot Counter Service is limited! :cool:


I tried to make a reservation for there for our trip in October . the cm said they do not have a open date or can take adrs


I think the building looks great. This seems like another great option for Illuminations seating.

Keep in mind there are 2 different restaurants located in the same place, in the same building. The new restaurant La Hacienda de San Angel if a full service, dinner only, 1 TS credit Mexican restaurant. It has indoor and outdoor seating.

At lunchtime, the dining room is used as seating for the counter-service Cantina de San Angel next door. Cantina de San Angel is a counter service restaurant open for lunch, dinner, or anytime. It should be similar to it’s former self, although I believe there will be some new menu items.

Looking forward to trying them both.


I think they will definitely keep the counter service area. I thought a pizza window as well as full service dining would have been great for Via Napoli. The restaurant is getting really good reviews so far though, so maybe they made the right decision.


is the restaurant in the pavilion still there last time we ate there we were not impressed. it had changed not for the better.


Anyone know when they will be serving food again?


wow this place looks amazing!


Can even call tacos food?:glare:


Yes. (most have 10 characters)


yes also love them.