Photos of MK Decorated for the Holidays


I found this blog with pictures that someone recently took at the MK. Somewhere here we were discussing how decorated things will be and at what point in time.

I believe these pictures were taken last week and the MK was well on it’s way to being decorated then… I love the pictures of the Jungle Cruise…“Brrrrr Bertha”…:tinytree:

I love the parks at Christmas time—and I miss going then…One day, we’ll get back there between Christmas and New Years again…I hope. :smile:


I would like to do New Year’s Eve in WDW again too.
Sadly, it’s a bit out of range dollar wise. And those crowds are NUTS!


Yes…the crowds were crazy…but soooooo worth it! Over the years, we have managed to celebrate every “major holiday” but Easter…our favorites have been Christmas/New Years and July 4th. Both time periods crowded but…I don’t regret it.


i have never been at any time other than right between T-day and Christmas. I’m so spoiled to the Christmas decorations. Well, this year we are going during the Mardi Gras holidays. My wife can no longer take off during football season due to her job. While I’m still excited to be going to WDW, I’m wondering if it’s going to be too different. As it is, I’m still empty when I don’t see the Lights of Winter at Epcot.


So pretty! Although this guy seems oddly obsessed with the Jungle Cruise…


smallworld, we were in WDW during Easter week a couple years back, mostly because it coincided with DW’s birthday. Crowds were bad. Not Christmas/New Year’s bad, but still pretty bad.
I’d really like to do the 4th of July, but living in Florida, I know how nasty humid O’ville is. Plus, I can literally count the number of rain free July 4th’s I’ve seen in the last 30 years.


I agree with llama, really really obsessed with Jungle Cruise. Though I never knew they changed the names of the boats for the season.


This is something new this year…according to a blog I read…

I think that’s probably why this guy focused on the Jungle Cruise. I read the “spiel”
they do has changed just for the holidays…as well as what you see…