Pic practice


Rob and Lisa


My Dogs, Chewie and Vegas


Great picks…
You done good.


The Star of Our Show!


Thanks Dee!



He is so cute. HollyLynne is going to try to steal him from you. She LOVES kids…

Am I so excited about meeting in Epcot.


Oh my gosh, look at how much that little guy has grown up!! Such a cutie pie!!


Thank you so much!



He’s a gorgeous little man! :blush: :heart:


the little guy is so cute.


Great pictures so far! You’re doing well. Now that means you have to take lots and lots and lots and lots of pictures when you go to WDW. And post them all. :happy:


I plan on it. I love a TR with lots and lots of pics so I want to pay it forward!!

When school is over, (June 26th woo hoo) I am gonna practice with a pre-trip report with pictures so I can get the hang of it!

Thanks everyone for the kind words…



That is like, the fattest dog in the world. :laugh:


I know!!! He gets the same amount of food as the other one!?! :blink:

He was on all of the local TV news one year when we went to a “Pug Crawl”. They could not get enough of him!



great pictures, your son is adorable!!


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Good pics . . . your son looks like you, I think anyway!

So glad you are practicing for a PICTURE filled TR!! :happy:


What a great idea! Practicing! You inspire me, Lisa!

Love the dogs and arent boys just the sweetest things ever?:wub:

Love it, love it, love it…now I am so looking forward to your TR…and I may practice posting pics as well…btw, what is photobucket? and is it a must?


I’m on a mac, and I don’t use photobucket . . . I just resize my pics and then upload them from my hard drive?


heehee, he steals the other ones food?


I was thinking the same thing!! :laugh: :laugh: