Pick a Character Breakfast


You’ve got a Magic Kingdom day one day, and an Animal Kingdom day the next. You want to do one of these character breakfasts. You can only do one.

It’s not enough to just tell me which. You have to tell me why too. :biggrin:


I like the idea of riding Everest just after breakfast, so I’m leaning towards Donald’s.


I haven’t done a character breakfast in a long time. But I always remember Dana loving the Breakfastasaurus. So I’ll go with that.


I would love to try the Breakfastasaurus! So I voted for that because I hear it’s really good.


We’re not big AK fans, so I picked Chef Mickeys, but either one sounds great.


Chef Mickey’s is a classic. If I had to choose between the two, I’d go with that one.


I voted Donald’s. We had an 8am breakfast there, so we were first to be seated. Character interaction was great that early and they came to our section first. Food was great since we got first pick of everything. Service was great. We were finished by 8:45 and walked over to the bridge from Dinoland leading to Asia and walked right behind the CMs at “rope drop” and were the first ones to ride EE that day.

We ate at Chef Mickey’s last year for dinner and enjoyed that, too. But I’d rather be inside the park to get a jump start on the crowds.

Why didn’t you include Crystal Palace?


That was my question for you…

I can’t vote, I don’t know what to choose - I have never done Breakfastasaurus.


Because we were just there in January.


I picked Donald’s beacuse it is not as loud as Chef Mickey’s. Chef’s Mickey’s is fun, but sometimes all the music and napkin waving is just too much!
I would get the earliest ADR as possible so I could get in the park early. JMO


I think Donald because it has the benefit of being in the park. I like the atmosphere a little better there.


We love Chef Mickey’s. We usually book the latest seating, around 11:15 and make it brunch. Eat something very light and head out to the park early then over to the Chef’s for brunch. But to each his own. :laugh:


I picked Donald’s - so you can get an EARLY ADR, and head over to EE. :c)


That’s the way I’m leaning erin!


I voted for Donald’s! We ate at both choices on the last trip and just prefered Donald’s. The food choice for us just seemed better and I prefered the Biscuits and Gravy at Donald’s over Mickey’s!


Chef Mickey’s is a classic and i love it. That’s why i voted.


Chef Mickey’s is a must for us every trip.


Chef Mickey’s! Yum. :laugh:


Have you decided? Can you make your ADRs yet? Why not call and see if there’s an 8am opening for Donald’s. If there isn’t, that may sway your decision.


Chef Mickey’s! We have done both. The atmosphere at Chef Mickey’s is much better IMO.