Picky Eater


Hi everyone, I am new to DC but I am quickly becoming obsessed (don’t think that is too strong a word!) with planning our WDW trip in Feb. My BF is a very picky eater and I am trying to find a good option for our full service meal in Epcot. Does anyone have any suggestions?




Le Cellier! How can you go wrong with steak?


Best place for steak is LeCellier in Canada. If he likes steak he will love this place. Be sure that you try cheese soup.
Welcome to DC, let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.
BTW we are all obsessed with anything Disney.


I say either : Le cellier ~canada
Alfredo’s ~ Italy ( everyone likes pizza and pasta no?)
and not forgetting my little piece of home…


These 3 restaurants are lovely although Italy is a wee tiny bit on the $$$ side (IMO). nevertheless lovely though.


Hi and welcome to DC!!! My first suggestion is looking at the menus at www.allearsnet.com. They have the menus of all of the restaurants in WDW and is very helpful.
I happen to love San Angel Inn in Mexico, it’s romantic and the food is delicious.


Welcome to DC! Glad you’re obsessed! Of course, around here, planning ahead by a mere 10 months might label you an underachiever. :wink:


Welcome LPD. Epcot has the BEST food in all of WDW. :wub: What kind of food does your BF like?

DC is the best place to obsess with those who share your obsession, so WELCOME!!! :smile: :flowers: :wink:


Welcome to DC! :flowers:

I second San Angel Inn, as long as you guys like Mexican food, you’ll enjoy it!


Well to be honest, I have been planning since last summer but our trip got pushed back. I am driving my BF nuts but he is so go with the flow. He said he will go wherever I like. Smart Guy!! You guys have been such a wealth of knowledge by the way.

I know I have it bad though b/c I saw a Hidden Mickey at dinner the other night. He just looks at me and shakes his head.

I think that Le Cellier it is. The menu looks great.




Teppanyaki is a Japenese grill–chicken, steak, shrimp with veggies.

Beirgarten is German, but they have regular food on the buffett.


I guess it’s all in how you define “pickey.”

BTW, I plan trips out before I even know if we are going.


Welcome to DC - we’re all obsessed. No 12 step programs around here! :dry:

LeCellier gets my vote too.


Welcome to DC!!

Our DS is mildly picky, maybe moderately picky. Depends on his mood. We went to Biergarten and he LOVED it! We really enjoyed our meal there. Lots of fun choices.

Good luck making your decision!


Garden grill may not be a bad idea.

At Epcot the world showcase tries to stay pretty authentic so be cautious. San Angel isn’t Taco Bell or Dell Taco.

Italy, Le Cellier and Garden Grill may be the safest options.