Picky eaters


I apologize in advance if everyone is sick of this type of question. I tried looking at other threads for my answers but they are all a few years old so I would like the most current information. I am a picky eater. Really picky. I am going to WDW in September with my DD8 and we are taking advantage of the DDP. My question is can I order off the childs menu? I have been looking at the menus of places I am thinking of eating at and in most cases I should be fine. There are a few places that I am considering because of the atmosphere but I am not crazy about the menu. Has anyone had any experience with this lately? Thanks for answering this yet again



Buffets you can eat whatever. Now as for sitdowns with a menu im not %100 sure. My mom had gastric bypass and she was able to eat off the kids menu. If you are on free DDP i personally dont see why not or even if you are still paying for adult plan i dont see why not but again im not to sure


I can’t think of any reason why they would limit you to ordering from the adult menu when you have already paid the adult price. The only time I think they would question it would be if you wanted to pay children’s prices for an adult.