Picnic in the park and ddp


Has anyone done this at Animal Kingdom yet ? How many counter service credits is it ? Do they do children or only adult credits ? There are 2 tiers I saw does it matter which one you use when on the DDp ? It looks like a fun choice and food we would love .


I’m pretty sure Mickeysgirlz did this recently. I remember reading about this in one of her TRs. I’ll go check…


Here we go: http://www.mousebuzz.com/forum/trip-reports/51113-mickeysgirlz-very-mini-tr.html


thanks …went and read it looks like the food is good on portion size maybe we would only have to get the 2 people offer and only use 2 credits for the three of us .


Yep! We did it . . . it was YUMMY! If you pm me your email address I can send you a scan of the menu with all the tiers and food choices. :happy: