Pics- CBR Old Port Royale Rehab


I snuck a few pics through the barrier for inquiring minds :O) They plan to have a pirates of the carribean theme when it is through.
This was last week (1/10/08) and they did not have the kids slides in the other pools yet according to the front desk- I have a ton of pics of the room in Martinique and a personal review- please pm me if you have questions :O)
(please ignore the titles for the pics- don’t know what I was typing! LOL)


Looks pretty extensive. Was the old pool that bad or just outdated?


… on the one hand it could be fun, on the other hand I’m getting a wee bit sick of pirates… :pirate: :glare:


Oy, it’s no wonder they keep that kind of stuff behind barriers while it’s being done…:blink:…it looks uuuuugly! :laugh:

Thanks for the pics! I hope they don’t go too over the top with the Pirates thing; this pool was so nice before as it was.


I have no idea why they are updating other than the Mgr talking about the Pirates theme… It looked fun before- I agree- too bad we were not able to use it!


This is getting to be so exciting!!! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!


Oh Snap!!! :laugh:
I cant wait to see the “New” Pool in Oct!!! :happy:
Iam def. staying there!!! :cool:


Thanks for the update photo’s!


Are you going to post the other pics and review?
I would like to see them, we are going back to CBR for our Halloween stay, we haven’t been there since 2004!


I can at some point- I have to resize every pic to post on here so it takes a while! ( I took around a thousand during the trip ROFL!) I am heading out for a few days and plan to post a review on the resort section when I get back. I am kidding myself if I say I will ever do a full TR! It depresses me TOO much to be home! But I will post pics and our experience.

You might want to check the status of the pool for Oct- it sounded like quite a renovation- and Port Orleans is going down too according to my TA. Although she was incredibly wrong with most of the info she gave us LOL!


COOL! I hope it turns out as awesome as it sounds!


I have a good chance of it being open by the time we get there cuz we dont arrive until 10/31!!!


CBR could really use it. It was getting run down the last time we were there.


Agreed- We were not impressed… at all…Especially since the pool was down and the transportation took FOREVER! When I return home (again) I will post pics of the room… Luckily we spent minimal time there!

Back to the Value Resorts for us- unless we cruise again soon! (we couldn’t get a value with a cruise package) Better service, quality, cleanliness and value for the buck we thought!


I agree. I love pirates but I don’t want to get sick of them. Remember how Stitch was exploding all over WDW for his new ride? Everyone thought it was too excessive. We’ll see! :pirate:



they really needed an upgrade! Im surprised how deshoveled they are allowing it to be seen even if it is a sneak peek. all the crushed bushes made me sad.


I agree enough with the Pirates!:pirate: