Pics from my BLT trip


Here’s some pics from my BLT trip.


More pics…







Cool pictures! I hope we’re gonna hear about all the highlights and perhaps lowlights of staying at BLT!


BLT is amazing. Really beautiful, the views from the room are great. We had a lake-view and have a MK view for our trip in December, so I can’t wait to compare. The Top of the World Lounge is great. Excellent view of the fireworks and a nice place to go have a couple of drinks. I’m sure my brother and I will spend some time up there on our next trip. I got to see the Boardwalk and Beach and Yacht Club, which I had never seen before. I really enjoyed the Boardwalk area and the pool with the ship caught my eye.

I also had the chance to eat at some new places. Tutto Italia was great. I had the Penne Caprese, which was amazing. Highly recommended. We also ate at Whispering Canyon Cafe for dinner. The BBQ, brisket, corn on the cob, and cornbread were very good. The highlight, however, was the milkshakes. On our last day, we had lunch at T-Rex. I thought it will be a cool atmosphere and mediocre food. I was half right. It was a cool place, but the food was better than expected. I had a cheesesteak that was huge and very good. If you have kids that are into dinosaurs, I’d highly recommend it.


Oh, I loved the pictures of the pool and the fountains. Also so glad to hear a good report about T-rex!


ooooh i wanna live there!!!
i was extremely suprised at the food at trex!


Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics. BLT looks amazing.


Awesome pics. Will be there soon!!!


Great pictures!!!


I love your TR, short, sweet and to the point!
I love your photos too!


I agree!



I want to permanently move into BLT! :stuck_out_tongue:


I want to move into any of the places down there. :laugh:


Nice pics. BLT looks awesome. I think the trip reports are going to get me through this Wyoming winter.


Loved, loved all those pics! thanks for posting them.


Great pictures and I wish I was there to see BLT in person