Picture in signature


Ok guys, I need help! I have gone under User CP and edit signature. I browsed my computer and found a picture I wanted. But even though it shows up under my options, it does not show up in my posts. What am I doing wrong?



I have the same problem BOTB!


Make sure you have the “insert picture in signature” box clicked. I just looked at your signature & the [SIGPIC] code isn’t in there so I am assuming the box isn’t clicked.


I don’t see a box for that option. There is only one next to the pic asking if I want to delete current picture.


I got it!!! I wasn’t under advance options! Once I switced, I had the link to put the pic in my sig!!!:happy:


Awesome, glad you found it!


Thanks for your help Wish!!!


Hey whaddaya know! ((dancing!))


Cool beans Miss Disney! Who knew when I asked a question it would help others!