Picture Post Cards


Hi Everybody!

Just a quick ?
How much do picture post cards run at Disney World ?
We are planning a trip to DW and rather than taking a lot of pictures, I
thought we would get post cards.



Hi Chuck, Welcome to DC!

I get the post cards for scrapbooking. They sell them individually and they also sell a booklet with 12 post cards in it. There are several different booklets to choose from (ie: Epcot, MK, thrill rides, etc). I believe each booklet is around $4.00.


Be aware that they don’t put prices on the individual post cards so you have no idea how much they cost.


Yup. Like Mic said, no prices on the post cards. If you buy them individually, they run from .50 to $2.00 each. Of course the fun ones are $2.00. LOL.

Personally, I’d take pictures :wink: .