Pictures from Dec. 2005 Trip


Here is a first batch of pictures from our Dec. trip-


Always love seeing new WDW pictures…Thanks!:smile:


hey great pics, thanks for sharing them :smile:
I wish some of them were bigger though, I wanted to see you guys close up, they’re all so tiny tee hee


WOW, i am so jealous of the fireworks photo. It is COMPLETELY beautiful and haunting at the same time. What an amazing capture of color and light!!!

Beautiful pictures!!! Thank you.

I am hoping there will be a batch #2, #3, #4


Thanks for sharing. Great batch of photos. I can’t get enough of that castle, I had to just stare at the one with the partners statue in for a while to get my fill.


Thank you for sharing your pictures, they were fantastic. Maybe you could give my husband photography lessons,lol. Our pictures although similar were not nearly as clear & beautiful


Great shots.

May I ask what kind of camera/lens you’re using?


Great pictures!!! Love that castle firework one…gorgeous!!! thanks for sharing them with us.


Great pictures! I am excited to see more!


:smile: Welcome back Royorb1!! I was wondering about how your trip went, and when you’d be back to posting.

Amazing photos! They were incredible! Thank you very much for sharing! :heart:


Great pictures! I would love to see more if you have time to share them.


Awsome pics! Especially of the POP resort, those were better than the ones you find on the net. Looks like your family had a great time.


Thanks everyone, I will post more and I will make them bigger. I am using a Canon Digital Rebel with just the regular lens that came with it. We had a great time, but now just don’t know when we’ll be back. Maybe in a year we will try and squeeze a trip in to Disneyland, but I don’t know.


Your camera is amazing! Or you are just EXTREMELY good at the picture thing.

I love seeing your pictures, they are so beautiful!

Thank you for sharing!


those are beautiful pictures . I hope you put up more!!


I added a bunch more pictures to my website from our Dec vacation. Just wanted to let you all know. :mickey:


Great pictures! Thanks for sharing and also for the camera info!


Thanks for sharing more of your wonderful pictures, your night shots are amazing!


Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing them :flowers: It looks like you all had a magical time.