Pictures from DisMeets Fan gathering 7/15/06


Here are some pictures I took of todays fan meeting in Allentown, Pa

Yahoo! Photos - valsan71’s Photos - DismeetsJuly2006


Great pictures! I would love to hear more about the meet, it has always sounded really interesting to me. Was Deb as great as she seems on her site?


The DisMeet was Great!!!

Our table was a bunch of LOSERS with a capital “L”
we didn’t win anything from the raffles but my dd got a Nemo towel that they gave away (all kids ages 3-12 was given a gift according to their age group) and I got a Disneyland passporter from Dave Marx that I almost got killed for during his talk on Disneyland. He had like 5 on the table and he said whoever was able to make it their first could have them. I was sitting in the front row and I had my hand on 1 of the books and somebody snatched it right out of my hand, so I put my hand on another book and didn’t let go!!! After those were gone, he opened up another bag of books and gave some more out but I dont think there was a whole lot.
I listened to Deb Wills and Linda talk about the F&W festival at Epcot, she was fantastic!!! I love Deb!!! And I also listened on the presentation about Photography and Scrapbooking, that one was my FAVORITE because I learned so much!!! She taught us the different features on our cameras and what kind of pictures you could take and what they looked like!!! AND ohhh did I mention the best part of her presentation??? She gave out DOLE WHIPS and STICKY BUNS!!! They were mini size but WHO CARES!!! The crowd went NUTS when she passed out the dole whips, we were all like dogs in heat!! lol But OMG was it good (my very first!!!).

I met Mrs Pooky when I got there, but I didn’t see karliebug! My DD had a good time, she did various things in the kids room and she even pickey up a boy there! he gave her his card and phone number!
We got alot of freebies off the tables like lanyards and brochures and stuff and every chair had a free DVC by Resale t-shirt and ohhh did I mention we were at the PRIMEVAL WHIRL Table! lol Something about that ride jinxed us because nobody at our table won! :cry:
Oh, every table had a Mickey Figurine (BIG), 1 person from every table got to take 1 home (of course not me) and also some of the vendor tables gave away freebies. Like at the end of the nite Passporter was giving away books.
I had such a great time, I was on such a Disney High and it was a great Disney fix. I would definately go again next year!!!
Ohh one more thing, when I arrived around 11 or 11:05, alot of the tables were full so we walked around looking for a table and then the announcer said for everyone to raise their hand if they have a free seat at their table for the people coming in looking for seats and I was drew to this 1 table, and when we started talking the lady next to me asked where I was from and I said “Jersey” and she said oh yeah, same as us? where in Jersey? “Monmouth County” so are we, where in Monmouth County? “Lincroft” So am I!!! She said, OMG!!! I could not believe it!!! The lady is even a substitute at my DDs school! She substituted for my DDs class this year but they didn’t know each other. They were so nice, this group is from the NJ Chapter of Disneyana club from my understanding, they gave me their bus. card and invited me to a picnic next Saturday!

well that’s about it with my story…
Let Mrs Pooky tell you what SHE WON!!!


Val!!! That’s awesome - how cool that you went! Deb Wills and Dave Marx are 2 of my Disney Heros!!! :wub:


DT, I re-posted my synopsis that I posted on the other thread.
Deb was AWESOME!!! I really liked her so I had to get a pic with her, also because I love ALLEARS.NET!!! :cool:

She gave out prizes that you see in the pic.
there were stuffed animals (stitch and nemo) and that big basket and a pin (i forget which one, I think the F&W festival but it was from 2003). She seemed to be the only one that did that. I got the book from Dave Marx’s presentation and Sharla Whalen from “” had the awesome treats!!! :tongue: :biggrin:

Anyways Deb encourages participation and anytime you shouted out an answer or something she threw you a stuffed animal. She is VERY COOL!!! :cool:


That sounds like a wonderful Disney fix. I can’t wait to hear what Mrs Pooky won.


This sounds so cool! Where are they from? I feel kinda stupid, like I should know. Do they do these in other places? What was it for exactly?


ROFL that you will be picnicing with a bunch of losers next Saturday! :laugh: :tongue:


Paula, you gotta go next year!!!
It’s a can’t miss event!!!
even though I left depressed that I didnt win anything, I still had fun, and I got the other stuff.


She got a good prize!!! If she dont log on and tell you guys soon, I’ll have to spill, lol!


Where are who from?

this was a fan gathering, you can check their site out The 2006 DisMeets

This takes place every year it seems. They had all sorts of disney vendors there :Passporter,, Mouse planet, Disney World Trivia, DVC by resale, maple leaf tickets, Hidden Mickey’s guide, Wdw today (they broadcasted todays show and they also video taped it), and Disney on a dime.
There were more but that are the major ones that I can remember at the moment.


They were so funny!
The 1 guy kept making a “L” on his forehead with his fingers and yelling “Loser” and we were yelling out all sorts of things, every time they drew a ticket for the raffles.
My DD was yelling “I want a refund!” “I want my money back” and the guy was like “You said it sister!”
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: We had a good time!

Iam waiting for them to send me more info on the picnic but it’s near Great Adventure.


here’s a link to today’s schedule and brief descriptions as posted on Deb’s site: 2006 Fans Gathering

There is also a link to some photos


Oh, I just checked it out! It doesn’t look like they have anything like that here, but I’m glad you had a great time! Your daughter is lucky to have such a fun mom!


Why thank you very much! :blush:
I really try!!!
I didn’t do anything exciting as a kid, so I try and do right by her. She is also my only child, so I think that helps! :laugh:



Thank you so much for sharing. I didn’t find out about Dismeet until it was too late to register:frown: I will have to make it next year. Your pics turned out really good.


Oh! Val! I’m so glad you went! it sounds like FUN!!!

How cool!


Sounds like a great time, to bad they dont have these all over I would love to go.


Nikki and I would have loved to gone, but we found out about it toooo late.

Considering it’s only abot 30 minutes from my home… I would have loved to go


Oh that sounds like a lot of fun! So glad you had a good time!