Pictures from my annual May trip


Pictures are from our 2nd Disney cruise, 2nd trip to WWOHP, 1st stay at POFQ, and of course WDW.

Here are a few for now.


Nice start. I may just walk out of work now.


Yayyyyy!!! :happy:


Waiting impatiently! LOL


Love the little bear in the window…more please!!


great start and can’t wait to see more pictures


Can’t wait for more! I love pictures! :slight_smile:


more more more more please :blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink:


Nice view and that drink looks good!


That’s Lotso :smile:



How beautiful!!! Looks like you had a great time.


Gorgeous photos- looks incredible.


Ooh, that’s a nice, big window! It looks like there might be a murphy bead behind the chair closest to the window? Is that a deluxe family oceanview??? It looks very spacious (well… for a stateroom :laugh:)!


Thanks everyone…more pictures to come.


Yes, it’s a murphy bed and a deluxe family oceanview. We never used it since it’s just my husband and I.


Your pictures are AMAZING! And I am posing the same question as I did in another “cruise” thread. Where did y’all go?


It was a 3 night cruise to The Bahamas. It was one day in Nassau and the other at Disney’s island Castaway Cay.


Wow! Thanks for sharing! Everything looks wonderful. I only hope to one day be able to take a Disney cruise.


I have been away from the Buzz for 3 days and this was a great way to return. Thanks for the pics. Can’t wait for more!