Pictures from my WDW trip 10/28-11/05/05- FINALLY!


Yeah!!! I finally finished my album, It literally took me FOREVER to Re Name them all, each picture has a description w/name of park and date. They are all out of date sequence for some reason, thats how they uploaded into the album and I have like 300 pictures so I drew the line there. These are all my WDW Pictures, My Sea World pictures are in a separate album. I may or may not post them.
But anyways, here’s a link to my album, hope everyone can pull them up and hope everyone enjoys them!!! :happy:

MY WDW 2005 Pictures


WOW!!! There are too many to comment on…I’ll try…I’m just going to comment here as I see them in the slideshow, so it may night make sense :laugh:

Well, first Alyssa is so pretty!!! What a lovely girl in her Cinderella dress :happy:

I love the Prince Charming, the Fairy Godmother, the Pleakly statue, Alyssa and Aurora doing a matching pose, Snow White and Alyssa holding their skirts out, the waking up Tinkerbelle pics!!! LOL!!! Why so much ketchup! Beautiful shot of the Tree of life :smile:
The Keiki at the Lu’au!!! Aloha a oe’ Nui!
The Stars and Motor Cars parade, so cool! espcially the Mary Poppins, Muppets, Lilo and Stitch and the Little Mermaid!!! WOW!
Alyssa with Ariel, so precious :happy:
Dressed as Mulan for MNNSHP SOooooo coool! Great job on the costuming!
Mulans lipstick! :laugh:
Frair Tuck?! Never seen him oot abd aboot before, awesome :slight_smile:
Tarzan show acrobatics. 3 words. FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!!
Maharaja gorillas are so cool.
and finally the castle looks AMAZING with Princess Alyssa in front of it.

THere! phew I loved those pics, thanks :slight_smile:


Val -
Great pictures. Thanks for posting them. :heart:


All the memories, thanks for sharing them with us.


YYYEEESSS! I LOVE pictures!! You got SO many good shots and SO many characters!!! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:

I think my personal favorites are Cinderella with your little princess :wub:
And Alyssa with Sleeeeppppiiiing Beauty. AWWW, I am SO jealous. I am COMPLETELY enamored by Aurora!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: Oh MY, AND SNOW WHITE!!! WOW!!!

Looks like an AMAZING trip and you have me SOOOO excited to go stay at WL for the first time!!!


Wow thanks for sharing those great pictures! Alyssa is a pretty little girl :happy:


Very nice pics. How did you get your daughter into the tea party?


Great pics…Thanks so much for posting them!


Great pictures! It must have taken such a long time to label all those. But, I’m sure it was worth it! Thanks!


Thank you SO much, Val!! They are great!!!


You rock, my twin!


Excellent! Loved your photos! How incredibly organized of you. Thanks for posting them.


VAL!!! I love your pictures!!! I had so much fun looking at them - they were worth the wait!!! :heart:


Awesome pictures. I can’t think of one character you missed.That sure must have been a lot of work. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you, thank you, thank you Tessa!!! :happy:
I had alot of fun taking them!
You can see a little bit Alyssa’s eyes were a little red when she woke up Tinkerbell, after getting there too late, the CM let her do it again! :happy:
And that was the first time I saw Tarzan Rocks, and we all Loved it!!!
THe gorilla pics… I got “potty” pics in there too! :whistling:… Iam sooo bad! :ninja:
Thank you again!! :wink:, I was going to leave some pics out but at that point I was too tired to weed out the not so great pics or multiples I taken of the shows.


Wish, Sleeping Beauty is my fav princess too! and It was my DD’s favorite like 2 years ago, LOL.
SW didn’t like my Villain pin of the evil queen though, DD made it a point to point it out to her and she was like: Oh mY! HOw frightening! hehe…
I wish I took more pics of the WL but I rushed them in our last day there before I left… You are just going to LOVE it!!! :heart:


I just called and booked it.
90 days out, just call the same # you make your ADR’s with and they will take your CC and charge it the day before.
and thanks! :wink:

Thank you Dana, Queensmama, Maria, Peppertink, alicefan, lovemysons, pkc123, Disneyfever and…
Erin- You ROCK too girl! Did you like the goat pics? :wink: