Pictures of Disney's Pop Century Resort


I took a quick walking tour and snaped some pictures of Disney’s Pop Century Reort. I can’t believe that I had never been there before! Just like the All Star Reports, Pop Century is a value (the nice way to say ‘cheaper’) resort with giant icons representing the 1950s - 1990s.

On to the photographs!

Close up of sign at Disney’s Pop Century Resort Hotel

Large signs for the years 1960 1970 1980 and 1990 at the entrance area at Disney’s Pop Century Resort Hotel

Close up of Goofy with surf board at Disney’s Pop Century Resort Hotel

Close up of 70s icons at Disney’s Pop Century Resort Hotel

Huge Mickey Mouse phone in the Classic 1970s area at Disney’s Pop Century Resort Hotel

Close up of Mr. Potato Head at Disney’s Pop Century Resort Hotel. Note that Mrs. Potato Head is nearby!

The Tramp from Lady and the Tramp at Disney’s Pop Century Resort Hotel

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I LOVE POP. It has such a great disney feeling, and the gift shop is just about as good as the disney store!


we :heart: POP too!! stayed at Movies last time and while we loved Herbie…the rest of it just didnt do it for me


We love POP! We may never stay anywhere else again…well, until we can afford those deluxe resorts.


We stayed at POFQ last week, and I really liked it. The convenience of a small resort was great. We had no waits in lines for buses at the end of a park day, and the buses were not packed with every standing space imaginable - like the POP buses are. Also the bus stops were a little closer to the parks, which my feet appreciated.

BUT… all that being said, I missed POP. POFQ is a beautiful resort, but it didn’t remind me of Disney. No huge oversized icons like POP or All Stars. I truly think the next time we go we will be staying again at POP.

And… even though the Beignets were absolutely delicious, I missed the frozen cokes!


Great photos!

I stayed at POP for the first time earlier this month. I was nervous that I wouldn’t really enjoy it as the past couple of trips I have been spoiled at AKL and SSR but I ended up LOVING it!

It really does have that great Disney feel. And I definitely loved the food court/merchandise combo area. We were in the 50s section and walked by the Tramp every day on our way to Classic Hall. My friend would sing the “He’s a tramp…but I love him!” song everytime we walked past. So funny!


Pop is our favorite resort. We have stayed there for the last 6 years in a row.


POP is the only hotel I tried yet but I was VERY impressed since it is a VALUE hotel… to me, it is a VERY nice hotel ! I’M so excited to be staying there again in January !!! The lobby and the gift shop are amazing !


We stayed for one night this summer. It is very motel-ish, but VERY cool. We really loved the grounds. The room was so-so, but we are spoiled for Disney. If I was to stay at a value again, it was definitely a great one!


We were there last week and the were refurbishing the rooms.All new tv’s and carpets and bedding.The day we got there they started refurbishing the 2nd floor of our building and by the end of the week they finished the entire floor.I was amazed the finished it so quickly.


We love POP, and we are checking in on Sat for a week.


:heart: :laugh: We love Pop too, it’s our favorite value resort!