Pictures of Flooding in Tri State NY NJ and PA area



wow…what a mess…especially of the one of the road caved in!


My DH and I are currently looking to move to Orange County but not near any of those areas that got flooded - but still HOW SCARY!


It was very scary. I couldn’t even go to school because so many roads were closed.


I can’t imagine! As long as you are okay and that your family is okay, that is the important thing. When was the last time something like this happened?


Oh it happens everytime we get an overabundance of rain. Last week we got a lot of rain and then this week it pushed everything over the edge. We are all okay and our new condo is fine.


Very glad to hear that - still must have been quite an experience! :mickey: How far are you from Orange County, NY?


Orange County is only 10-15 minutes away


WOW! I’m glad to hear you are OK. Where is this? Northern NJ near PA border? Is it near the Delaware Water Gap? Besides’s the flooding the area looks beautiful. How often do you have to deal with major flooding?


Gotcha! We are looking to move to the Orange County area but have not decided on a specific town just yet.


The flooding happens all the time, but this was a major flooding. Usually it is not this bad. Now tonite we are supposed to get more thunderstorms. I am not excited about that. Yes it is on the NJ/PA border it is closer to where stusbabydoll lives than to me.


We are not as bad as these poor folk but this morning is the first day in a couple days that we have more then one road out of town…


Ah, you guys are getting what we got at the end of last week. I posted some pics links of our flooding in Chit Chat. Get ready, there’s some coming through here today, it should be up there in a day or two!!!

Here’s the pics from our newspaper: gallery 1 gallery 2
And here’s a few I took: gallery


Isn’t it amazing? Now I heard we were going to get rain again today…Who knows what will happen


We got hit with some major rains, but no flooding like that in my county. I am so sorry for the people who had to deal with this.


Get ready you guys. This is what we here in northwest FL got today. This is from 4pm to 9pm. And it’s still raining.


It has been dry here for the past 2 days but rain is suppose to start tomorrow. We are already under a flash flood warning. We are now up to two ways in and out of town but with any rain we will be back to one.