Pictures of hurricane damage


Here’s a link to Hurricane Charley damage in the Orlando area. You’ll note that there’s one photo of the Cirque du Soleil building at Downtown Disney. And here’s a link to the statewide hurricane devastation, most of the photos from the Punta Gorda area.

As I said in another post, it was a rough, scary night in Orlando, but we didn’t suffer nearly as much as the folks further southwest where the storm came ashore.


God! How horrible some of those picutes were . The damage is unbelieveable. The picture of the storm in the sky was rather awesome. Sorry for all of those who sufferend this damage.


I found some good photos on another site:
Charley WDW Damage Photos


It is amazing the damage wasn’t worse. Sending thoughts and prayers to all affected by Charley.


Its more like a miracle the damage wasn’t worse I was at work for 18 hours the day of the storm and the only time I got to sleep was during the storm. I was in a emergency response center so I figured it was safe to go to sleep there, we were watching the radar and it was amazing that is spared disney, however Orlando international took a direct hit and there are hotels on I drive that have walls missing. however now patients are starting to run thin is the problem people are in long lines there is a small lack of food in some areas. But it could have been alot worse.

with that said I will not be posting as much due to the storm, I’m working longer days to help out with the problems in the orlando area.


My gosh, can’t even imagine what Punta Gorda must be like after seeing the photos of Orlando. Thoughts and prayers are with all on the West Coast!!!


Those pictures are awful!!!My heart goes out to all those people!!!