Pictures of the "Princess Room" & "Adventure Room" (DTD WOD store)


I just saw a lot of pictures of the new “Princess Room”, the “Bibidi Bobidi Boo Boutique” and the “Adventure Room” at the World of Disney store in DTD. I will admit the girls definatley look like they got the better end of the deal. Although, I may be a little bias. hehe. :angel:

Anyway, both look awesome!

I think I’ve decided two things… 1) I want to do little girl’s hair in the boutique and 2) I want a little girl RIGHT NOW! :tongue:


Cool, wish!
I like the pirate stuff! :pirate:


They both look way fun! DS would love the adventure room.


I think this will definitely be a place to shop. I think I saw a display that said pirate hats were only $10 and bandanas for $5 where the child can decorate with patches, pins, etc. I hope they take Disney dollars!! My boys have lots of them!


That looks so fun - Thanks for sharing!!! I’m sure I’ll be spending a few bucks in the Adventure room in May!! :tongue:


I hope they make stores like this for adults!!!


Great pictures!! I can’t wait to go on our next trip-I have 2 pirates and a princess, so we can do both!! YAY!!! :heart:


They do! They’re called the Princess and the Adventure Room… :slight_smile:

very pleased about the Adventure Room, and thinks Toy Story and Incredibles stuff should be there too


I second that motion! That is too cute! I want to go now!!! I may have to kidnap someones daughter for a day so I can have fun!


I have one of one kind, and two of the other!!! :laugh:

I’ll be shopping in BOTH!

Thanks for the link, WishyWish!


Awwwwwww Man !!!

I love that giant Stitch!! :cool: