Pictures of Walt Disney World's Wilderness Lodge


This past weekend I had a chance to check out Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

The theming is awesome! Here are some pictures:

Disneys Wilderness Lodge entrace sign in stone

Close up of Bear Crossing sign near the entrance to Disneys Wilderness Lodge

Main Disneys Wilderness Lodge building beyond the purple flowers

Main building and entrance canopy for Disneys Wilderness Lodge

Soaring lobby of Disneys Wilderness Lodge with totem poles

Even if you aren’t able to stay there, it is a great place to visit for a few hours!

More pictures starting here:
Free high resolution pictures Disney World - Resorts - Disneys Wilderness Lodge entrace sign in stone



Great pictures!! It is a great place to stay or just walk around.


You did a nice job on those pictures! :happy:


We stayed there in Dec, it’s really a spectacular resort.


Nice pictures, WL is one of our favorite resorts.


Great Shots!! Will be going to Whispering Canyon in August the antisipation has started.


Love the Wildnerness Lodge! Thanks for sharin’!


Great pictures! Thanks for sharing! :happy:


I love WL. It’s even prettier at Christmas.


Mine too.
And yes, some of those shots were very well set up.

Somewhere I posted some Christmas pics in a trip report from New Year’s 2007/2008.

Pics are on page 2 and 3.


Great pics! Similar to the Grand Californian only BIGGER!


Yes great pictures…already told the DW that if we can not stay there that I at least want to visit it there…that will be my ultimate resort to get to stay at.


Grand Californian, Wilderness Lodge, and Animal Kingdom Lodge all share the same architect. Actually, if you look really hard at the main lobby of the Grand Floridian, and ignore the Victorian decor, it’s almost identical to AKL.

Meanwhile, GC is supposed to be an example of Craftsman style, while WL is supposed to be the Old Faithful Inn and an example of US National Parks lodges. GC has a more finished look while WL is more rough hewn look and feel.

By the way, today is the WL’s 15th birthday (it opened on May 28, 1994)


Spectacular! We’ll get to see it in person for the first time in Aug. when we eat at WK, can’t wait!


These are awesome, this is my choice for next year.


Great pictures!! Id love to stay at WL! Maybe one day!


Thanks everyone for the kind comments about the pictures - glad you enjoyed them!


My husband and I were married at WL and it is beyond gorgeous. I choose it because my husband loves the outdoors and I thought he would like the decor. I am not a woodsy type of girl and I fell in love with this resort, too.

One of Disney’s finest accomplishments, in terms of resorts.