Pictures taken at Hoop Dee Doo and Chef Mickeys put on photopass?


I was wondering if the pictures taken at these restaurants could be put on photopass. I know Test Track was the first ride to start doing this and hopefully it will spread to other rides and restaurants!


i know that the photos taken as you enter Chef Mickeys can be put on your photo pass but I’m not sure about Hoop Dee Doo. At first they were not willing to put my photos on my photopass card at chef mickeys but after they contacted and discussed with supervisor they agreed.

hope this helps


Well that is good news. I hope they get to the point were all photos can be put on photopass!


hmm that’s new news! How neat!


I asked about them putting the HDDR pics on the photopass the last time we were there and they said no.

Has anyone else been able to get this done?


This is the official stance from Disney’s PhotoPass:

If you dine at any of the following locations and purchase* the photos offered tableside, those photos can be added to your Disney’s PhotoPass account.

• Cinderella’s Royal Table at Magic Kingdom® Park
(photos included with meal price)
• Princess Storybook Dining at Akershus; Norway in Epcot®
• Restaurantosauras at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park
• Chef Mickey’s at Disney’s Contemporary Resort
• Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show at Disney’s Polynesian Resort
• 'Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Resort
• Mickey’s Backyard Barbecue and the Hoop Dee Doo Musical
Revue Dinner show at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

*Tableside photo purchase required to add dining photos to your Disney’s PhotoPass ID.


Oh, so if you buy the pictures then you can add them to your pass?

Big deal that is. :rolleyes:


That’s what I was thinking.


Since the package at the table runs you 30 bucks, I think it is worth having it put on the pass . . . this way you can buy more later for less $$! You can also take your own pics at these places (At Ohana’s the photographer took the pic and then I did) and you can add YOUR OWN photos to your photopass when you get home, so you can add boarders, dates, etc. And then order and SPEND more money!! :laugh:


Yeah sure, I guess if you’re buying them anyway you may as well put them on the pass. But it kind of defeats the purpose.


I agree. If you are going to offer the service, allow it to include all photos. I bet more people would use PhotoPass!


yeah like they are gonna give us something without finding a way to charge for it first :laugh: