Some of these trip reports have the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. We have a little Cannon camera that has 6 megapixels that we got a few years ago. I want to buy another one, but I don’t have a huge budget for that on top of the trip. Does anyone know if there is a nice camera that takes sharp pictures that isn’t going to break the bank.

Also, we have a video camera that has those mini discs and we were just watching our trip from 2007 and the discs kept skipping at times. I’m wondering if anyone could advise on a nice video camera that doesn’t take discs.

I’m not very camera savvy, either, so the easier it is to use, the better. :laugh:



Hi Jen! We’ll also be leaving in 6 months, HOW EXSITING!!!
It can be so overwhelming when you walk in to the store and see all the choices. My DH bought me a Sony DSC-W290, and we love it. It has an “easy” mode(what I keep mine on) and it does the adjusting for you. But what sold me was the Fireworks mode, all I could think was Magic Kingdom :laugh::laugh:. It has fast response time. It also has face detection, love it! It has a under water setting too. It makes the water so crystal clear.
Good luck in finding the camera that is right for you. I was at Best Buy for 2 hours trying to find mine. :blink:
OOh something I did learn, you want a high ISO number on the camera. It has to do with the quality of the picture, if I’m remembering right.


DVC Mike may have a suggestion? He takes awesome pictures!!


I use a Sony Cybershot


Thank you so much for the suggestions. This gives me a great place to start!


DH bought me a little, digital pocket-sized video camera Christmas '08. It’s a Kodak zi6. I really like the videos it makes, and the photos are good. It has been especially great at WDW because it’s convenient to carry as it is so small and it is very easy to use.