I was thinking about pictures today as they scrolled through on my computer. I think I am a picture freak… I was wondering how many pictures people take on a vacation to Disney. We only go once per year, and there are 4 of us who stay for 8 nights, and I average 1200 pictures for our trips…

Who else is obsessive with me, does anyone else take a picture of everything there?


Last May I took over 5,500… We had just bought a Nikon D3000 and it has a sports package that shoots over 20 pics in a 5 second span… so … Needless to say there were some that never made the final cut!!!


I’m obsessed too! It’S alright to take a lot of pictures!!! :mickey: I don’t regret it at all, beautiful memories. Anyway when I come back from my vacation i’m always very excited to go through all my pictures. Seems to me there’s never enough! :happy:

btw, so sorry for my english


i’m wondering why nobody is putting up albums of their Disney Vacation in their public profile!?!


i usually take about a 100 a day. now we got a better camera, i’ll probably start taking more.


i’m also obsessed with taking pictures no matter where i am, i can’t remember how many i took on my last trip but there was tons because it took forever to upload them. i can’t wait to try my new canon camera on my next trip:heart:


We had over 2,000 of our 10 day trip last June.


I probably take an average of about 200 per day, a lot of them get deleted but I do take a ton.


I took about 2100 for a 9 day stay, We look at the pictures on the tv every knight and thy look good but when I put them on my computer at a higher resolution some wher not as good as I was hopping so I will take the computer next time


Well our last trip we were there for about 8 days and I was still using a film camera and I went through really about 12 to 15 rolls of film. Now we have a digital so I’m sure we’ll up the number of pictures… especially when we go with our little ones.


I bring the camera and almost never bring it into the parks.
Same goes for my camcorder, especially since I’ve finished my fireworks project.

So, I’ve only got about 1800 pictures.


I take hundreds too- I take Florida palm trees and a photo of the Florida sun, I pin them up at work when I am feeling miserable, and remember lying in a hammock at GF and taking them…bliss


I rarely take any pics. We go so much that we always take a few, but usually come home with less than 100 of our own pics. We always do photopass and end up with hundreds from them. We rely on photopass people to take our vacations pics!

Other vacations we go on, we take tons of pictures. I went to Washington DC for a week a few months ago and came back with 2,000 pics. I think we don’t take as many at Disney because we see it so often and know we’ll be going back to see it again.


Wow, I thought my DH was the exception with pics but I guess he is the norm. Only problem is we never seem to develop them anymore.


I have well over 10,000 pictures from trips, some on the computers, some on memory sticks and many in boxes but I do take alot less pictures now. I found I missed out on alot by trying to get the perfect picture or video and now take limited ones but ones that will truly have a special memory or meaning to them.


I used to take tons of pictures back when it was a big deal for us to go to Disney. But now we have so many pics of the same things that the number per trip has decreased dramatically. I only snap things that are different for us in some way.

I also make use of the WDW photographers to get the dramatic backdrop photos. They do such a good job and I can ignore the ones I don’t like.


No we dont develop them either- I dread to think if anything happened to the computer or the SD cards. I come home with the intention of burning them to disk etc, but never seem to get round to it.


If you notice, everyone who says they’re taking thousands of pictures each trip has a digital camera. If we had to pay for film and processing, we’d be lucky to shoot 6 rolls of 36 exposures for a week’s vacation.


I know with a digital I take pictures just in case. In my TR there is a picture of two lions that I was surprised how good it was (at least for me). At the time, the glare from the sun was too bright and I couldn’t see what the picture was. I just kept snapping, just in case. I would never take 75 pictures of giraffes if I had to pay for developing each shot. :laugh:


And I thought I took loads of pics. I only average about 300 since we have been often. I only take photos of us, not so many of the scenery as I had in the past unless it is something new.

I always download them, go through them, fix them, delete the bad ones and go through Snapfish to print. Then when I get them, I put them in photo albums with receipts and other scrapbooking items I’ve picked up through out our vacation.

I usually do that with all different vacations, Disney or somewhere else. We love to go back and relive our vacations:)