Piece of disney pins


Does any one collect them? I have splash mountain, spaceship earth, its tough to be bug, the maelstrom, and I think peter pan…I may be wrong about that last one…what do you all have?


This is a great series. I just started collecting them. I have the Enchanted Tiki Room.

I think the next release in this series is the Haunted Mansion next month.


oh I thought the series had ended…the splash pin I think was the 12/12 one


I’m pretty sure they’re on Series II now.


I’m not a serious collector, but I just purchased about a dozen (the most inexpensive ones I could) from eBay so my boys can trade them on our trip in June for pins that they would really want. Also got a free pin from sending in 3 cereal box proof of purchases. That should keep them happy and have some fun while experiencing the thrill of pin trading.


Oh my goodness I want a Haunted Mansion one. But we might not make it back to WDW till 2007…


Ahh, I so want the Enchanted Tiki Room one. I love this series! But I have been holding back lately on the pin purchasing/trading. I am too poor right now! Eventually I will get it though.


There will be a series two??? awesome…perhaps they can release a jc pin…filled with actual river water perhaps…hehe…woo hoo from baloo!