Pillows at Pop


Just a tip for anyone staying at the Pop Century. You might want to bring your own pillow. We’ve stayed there twice (Going back in Nov.) and the pillows are like bricks. I had to laugh one morning I was on the elevator and two people got on, one complaining about the pillow. I said yes, I thought so too. Are the pillows better at the more expensive hotels?


I always bring my pillow where ever I go so pillows are never an issue for me. We have stayed at varies Disney deluxe resorts and I have not heard any complaining about the pillows being to hard.


I think both the pillows and towels are better at the deluxe resorts.


There’s no thought involved. The linens at the deluxe resorts ARE better.
That said, if you need two pillows, they’ll give you however many you ask for.
If you have a special pillow (stuffing, shape, outer covers) and you’re driving, bring it.
Beyond that, your choices are really limited, and that includes buying a pillow in DTD from whichever store has the better linens.


Of course the deluxes have better stuff all together, isn’t that what you pay for, besides other things?
I have never in my live traveled with my own pillow or anything else. The pillows at the mods are just fine for me.


The main thing about the Disney deluxes: location, location, location.
Followed by: the amenities, the amenities, the amenities.


I have to disagree. I stayed there for nine nights in August and the pillows were awesome. Maybe I just got lucky? I have called house keeping and asked for different pillows before and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again if my pillows were like bricks. Just a thought.


Yes, everything is more “plush” at the deluxe resorts. It’s like… triple the fluff! :laugh:


At ASMusic, we had 6 pillows in our room. 3 were hard and 3 were soft. :dry: